Knowledge of Planned Parenthood Forces Change for Good or Evil

The sting videos have spread knowledge of Planned Parenthood and their organ trafficking, forcing people to choose sides.

In most cases, you don’t choose a side just one time.

There are some number of professing Christians, for example, ranging from the thousands to the millions, who chose once to follow Jesus. But then new opportunities came their way to choose again.

One typical story goes like this: They found a chance to have a sexually-available girlfriend or boyfriend in college, and decided that Jesus wasn’t all that great. In some cases a pregnancy resulted, and many decided that Jesus was even less worthy of trusting. Others, on the other hand, came to their senses, and realized that the pregnancy proved they should have followed Jesus in the first place and that now they had to choose between becoming worse or returning to better. Would they become a person who kills an inconvenient baby or would they follow Jesus and protect the little one?

The Planned Parenthood videos are functioning in a similar way. They force people to become worse or better. One Democrat politician rose to the occasion. As Live Action News reported on Friday, “Arkansas Democrat switches to GOP because of Planned Parenthood.”

As the truth about Planned Parenthood is revealed to those who believed it was simply a women’s healthcare organization, people are turning away, disassociating themselves with a baby parts trafficking business which even harvests organs from born alive infants.

Today, Arkansas State Representative Mike Holcomb joined the list of defectors by leaving the Democratic Party and joining the Republican Party.

In my opinion, it was always wrong for Holcomb to support a party so dedicated to baby-killing, but the point here is that, when he saw how horrific it really was, and saw Democrats standing with Planned Parenthood, he had a choice: become worse or get better.

Here is an example of getting worse, found in the same news story:

Of course, Arkansas Democrats weren’t happy. Democratic Party of Arkansas chairman Vince Insalaco issued a statement that shows the continued ignorance of what Planned Parenthood is all about when he pulled the “health care” card from the worn deck:

If standing against women’s health care including Pap smears, breast cancer screenings, STD testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, prenatal checkups, or the equality of all Arkansans is important to Rep. Holcomb, then he’s found a good home in the Republican Party of Arkansas.

Of course Insalaco proves he doesn’t know about the programs he supports, since every service Planned Parenthood offers – apart from abortion – is available at low or no cost clinics nationwide, including in his own state. Reducing Holcomb’s switch to some narrow-minded decision to steal health care from women is not a surprising attack, but it’s also not a true one.

But everyone knows it is not a true one. Planned Parenthood’s defenders are becoming more dedicated to more obvious evil.