Kony Must Die For The Sins Of The US Government

The best way to get away with crimes is to punish them… in the people whom you select. Thus:

“Congress has approved legislation that would expand the State Department’s rewards for justice program to target the world’s most serious human rights abusers, with African warlord Joseph Kony a top target… The rewards program gives the secretary of state the authority to offer a reward for information leading to the arrest or conviction of anyone who plans, commits or attempts international terrorist acts. The amount of the reward would be at the secretary’s discretion. The bill would expand that authority to allow the State Department to publicize and pay rewards for information about individuals involved in transnational organized crime or foreign nationals wanted by any international criminal tribunal for war crimes or genocide.”

I don’t know that I have a principled objection to the legislation itself, assuming the State Department doesn’t “inadvertently” target a comic book author. But naming Joseph Kony as a “top target” is just phony and deserves derision. Thus far, attention on Kony has probably served George Soros’ oil interests. But, more generally, Kony seems to be a horrific terrorist who has not been recruited by US/NATO intelligence to join many other horrific terrorists to help with regime change in Libya or Syria. Since we actively work with terrorists, the best way to distract people is to find other terrorists to publicly oppose and, eventually (after their PR value as a live enemy wanes), kill.

I have no doubt that Kony should die. But I don’t understand how Congress can pretend we have some sort of moral high ground when we are publicly and obviously supporting the Muslim Brotherhood’s goals for Syria by funding Al Qaeda terrorists to kill Assad and a bunch of Syrian Christian civilians as well.

We all love a good battle between good and evil. Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and all sorts of other movies show us an American public that thirsts for a simple narrative. Our government knows this. So it works to give us Darth Vaders, Voldemorts, and Saurons. That is easy to do because there are many of them out there. But when the government tries to direct our outrage we need to be aware that it is, at the same time, distracting our outrage.

When Assad’s forces opened fire on protesters, that made the news. When Saudi forces did the same in their own territory, we never heard about it. CNN actively suppressed their own documentary on Bahrain’s killing and “disappearing” of protesters.

We support Al Qaeda in Syria and Libya (while wringing our hands in the pretense that terrorist are “hijacking” the rebellion) and make a big deal of opposing Kony. His tortures and abduction of children for soldiers are all publicized, while the ethnic cleansing of sub-saharan Africans during the rebellion against Gaddafi gets a pass. If it is mentioned at all, it was treated as an understandable accident.

Over and over again the government and the media has proven to possess a highly selective filter. The encourage outrage at certain people while hiding from us that the same kinds of people are our governments allies and partners. Our regime’s brutal killings and other crimes demand a sacrifice. Kony is one of them.