Krugman Paid Off to Write Rationalizations for Ruling Class

It is honestly a difficult task to pick the biggest hypocrite amongst Progressives.

Al Gore is undoubtedly a tough one to vote against, with his multitude of homes using more power than several small cities, and his non-stop carbon-spewing travel.

Barack Obama is also tough to beat, with his incessant preaching about the injustice of executive pay, while he and his wife take (often separate) multi-gazillion dollar vacations at taxpayer expense, at the same time trumpeting things he believes we can do without, in order to afford his vastly overpriced health care plan.

But… I think the prize has to go to Paul Krugman, not only for the huge income he draws from his various ongoing gigs, but for this one at a public institution, which will pay him $25,000 a month to allegedly study… income inequality. Yep… it must be nice to play the part of justifying so much injustice in the name of social justice.

From Zero Hedge: “Krugman, Who Is Paid $25,000/Month To Study Inequality, Says ‘Nobody Wants Us To Become Cuba’.”

Ah yes, inequality, the same inequality that the Fed – Krugman’s favorite monetary stimulus machine, after all it was none other than Krugman who suggested that in order to offset the bursting of the tech bubble the Fed should create the housing bubble – has been creating at an unprecedented pace since it launched QE. Just recall: “The “Massive Gift” That Keeps On Giving: How QE Boosted Inequality To Levels Surpassing The Great Depression.”

So while Krugman is right in lamenting the record surge in class divide between the 1% haves and the 99% have nots, you certainly won’t find him touching with a ten foot pole the root cause of America’s current surge in inequality.

And, tangentially, another thing you won’t find him touching, is yesterday’s revelation by Gawker that the Nobel laureate is the proud recipient of $25,000 per month from CUNY to… study inequality.

Like most Progressives, Krugman almost certainly couldn’t earn a living if he had to produce something customers would pay to buy, using their own earnings. He has, however, made an art-form of holding out his hand to those who live by legalized theft, and hand over gobs of other people’s cash to their friends.