L.A. Governor Makes Gun Owners into Criminals

Soon, gun owners will be liable to have their gun magazines confiscated from them.

The problem with being  law-abiding gun owners is that the government can keep changing the law. In such a case, being “law-abiding” simply means adept and willing to follow whatever orders are given by politicians.

Guns.com has posted a pretty sad story, reporting, “Los Angeles Mayor signs confiscatory magazine ban into law.”

In 60 days, there will be no such thing as a legally grandfathered civilian-owned magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds in Los Angeles.

Mayor Eric Garcetti signed the citywide ordinance Friday prohibiting the ownership of what the state deems large-capacity detachable firearm magazines. The controversial measure was introduced by City Councilman Paul Krekorian and passed the council by unanimous vote on July 28.

Krekorian, along with gun control advocates, joined Garcetti at City Hall for the signing ceremony.

“I am committed to reducing the gun violence in our city,” Garcetti said. “This ban is part of that larger effort. It will help keep our streets safer and help prevent the magnitude of mass shootings. We are sending a clear message – we will not wait for Washington to act, we are ready to act now.”

The ordinance, Council File 13-0068, bans the possession of any magazine capable of holding more than 10 cartridges inside the city limits. While state lawmakers enacted a similar prohibition in 1999 during the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, it allowed continued possession of mags already in circulation. The new Los Angeles law removes that protection.

What to say here?

First, people do sometimes require more than ten rounds in dealing with attackers.

Second, there is no evidence presented that the gun violence has been especially associate with grandfathered gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds. That is just stupid.

Third, the reason why only a Liberal swamp like Los Angeles is capable of passing a confiscation law is because the nation as a whole is overwhelmingly loyal to the Second Amendment. You are just going to have to keep waiting “for Washington to act.”

I’m sure the law will be taken to court. Let’s pray it is overturned.