LAPD Shoots And Injures Two Innocent Women

Recently, Piers Morgan quoted one of his favorite statistics to Ted Nugent: “100,000 Americans get hit with gunfire a year.” Nugent was quick to retort:

 “Let me stop you there, because I’ve been hearing you say this, and you are so full of crap. Listen to me. That statistic includes bad guys shot by cops and intruders shot by homeowners, so that figure is bogus.”

 I wonder if that statistic also includes cops shooting innocent people. In the LAPD’s zeal to find liberal/gun-grabbing/gun murderer/ex-cop/cop killer Chris Dorner, police shot at two innocent women driving a vehicle that was similar to the one they were told Dorner had. The cops said that those inside this truck were throwing things out of their truck, and this “threw them off guard.” As the truck approached them, they unloaded their weapons on the vehicle, injuring both women.

As it turned out, these “suspicious” ladies were newspaper delivery women, and the objects they were throwing out their window were newspapers.

The reports say that the truck was driving toward them, but the pictures show about 2 dozen gunshots to the back of the truck, and one of the women was injured in her back. Also, shells from the police officers’ guns were on the ground behind the truck. Whatever the case, these 2 women had nothing to do with Chris Dorner, and the police were only acting on their suspicions.

Does Piers Morgan care about these incidents where police use their assault weapons and shoot at innocent people? I know that the LAPD have been on edge recently because Dorner is truly out to get them. One LAPD cop has already died at the hands of Dorner.

But if this had been a situation where an otherwise law-abiding citizen was on edge because of something similar and ended up shooting at an innocent person or a cop who he thought was trying to break in his house, he’d go to jail. The police wouldn’t care that it was an accident or that the shooter had genuine reason to believe he was in imminent danger. And if the homeowner actually shot at a cop (not knowing that it was a cop), that would be the end of that homeowner.

The incident would likely be used by the media and liberal politicians alike to advance their gun-grabbing agenda. They’d be saying, “See? This is what happens when people have guns. And this guy didn’t even have a criminal record or a history of mental illness.”

When a police officer does it, it’s virtually ignored. Many times, police have raided the wrong house or apartment based on anonymous tips, usually having to do with drugs. The homeowner hears someone breaking in, and he grabs his gun to protect himself and his family. But by the time he grabs his gun, agents have already flooded his room and pelted his body with bullets. And if it turns out to be the wrong house or if the anonymous tip was a hoax, nobody really seems to care.

It’s good that the two women survived, but they could have died. Then what? Probably not much. If anything, they would get suspended with pay. And Piers Morgan would continue his mantra about how many Americans are hit with gunfire every year.