Largest EPA Blackmail of Auto Companies, Ever

EPA blackmail happens when the Environmental Protection Agency holds the U.S. market hostage so that a company cannot sell to them without paying off the EPA. The EPA has blackmailed Kia and Hyundai $150 million.

From The Daily Caller, “Hyundai, Kia to Pay $150 Million for Violating EPA Global Warming Laws.”

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Justice Department have announced a $150 million legal settlement with two major automakers for violating federal global warming law — the largest Clean Air Act settlement in history.

Automakers Hyundai and Kia have entered into a consent decree with the EPA promising to pay a $100 million to fix legal problems with their U.S. testing and vehicle certification programs. These certification programs are integral to EPA carbon dioxide emissions and fuel economy measurements. Automakers also agreed to spend $50 million to prevent future Clean Air Act from occurring.

“Greenhouse gas emission laws protect the public from the dangers of climate change, and today’s action reinforces EPA’s commitment to see those laws through,” EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said in a statement.

“Businesses that play by the rules shouldn’t have to compete with those breaking the law,” she added. “This settlement upholds the integrity of the nation’s fuel economy and greenhouse gas programs and supports all Americans who want to save fuel costs and reduce their environmental impact.”

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First of all, the fine isn’t going to Hyundai’s or Kia’s competitors. It is the EPA that is getting the money. So while it is true that their competitors were at a disadvantage, they aren’t being recompensed for any losses.

Secondly, even if global warming was true and caused by carbon dioxide, there is no study that claims that the EPA regulations are actually slowing the rate of alleged global warming. So, even if we pretend that the climate change scam is real, we still don’t have a basis for claiming that the EPA’s enforcement is doing anything for “the public.” With all the driving in China and India do you really think the EPA’s silly rules are saving the planet? (Again, I am pretending for the sake of argument that the climate change scam is real.) Even if we allow them their mythology there is still no basis for what the EPA is claiming.

But, to return to reality, man-made global warming through the release of carbon dioxide is not true. All of this plunder is (badly) justified in the name of a so-called “fact” that is actually a scam.