About That Last Election …

Conservatives actually thought they had won something in November as voters created a Republican landslide across most of the country.

As things have turned out, all they accomplished was to send reinforcement to the White House.

That’s because immediately following the election, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the GOP leadership set out to destroy any chance of conservatives posing a threat to their own power.

Boehner’s actions in getting the “Cromnibus” bill passed are well-known, and McConnell’s treachery is almost as deep. The treachery of the pair of them make Benedict Arnold look like an amateur.

Now the RINOs have sealed the deal by voting to keep Boehner as the speaker of the House, even after he openly allied himself with President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party to keep conservatives from having the voice in Congress that the voters of America wanted them to have.

The cast of shady characters running the GOP now is beginning to resemble Batman’s rogues gallery, starting off with Boehner as Two-Face and McConnell as Penguin.

As you might expect, Boehner’s first order of business upon retaining his speakership on Tuesday was to seek revenge and purge those GOP representatives who had done what 60 percent of America wanted and opposed his third term in the office.

The Republican leadership has been on a real spree lately. In addition to the brazen treason against America and the Constitution exhibited by siding with our lawless, imperial president, there was that whole Steve Scalise scandal.

Scalise was the guy who got targeted by liberals because he gave a speech 12 years ago to a group founded by the KKK’s very own David Duke. Now, just giving a speech is no justification for the pelting with tomatoes and calls for his removal from the post of majority whip. Unfortunately, Scalise’s ties with members of the KKK seem to go deeper than just one speech.

Naturally, Boehner et al stand by him.

The interesting thing about that, however, is the threat from Duke to start “naming names” of other people connected with the KKK if the GOP leadership didn’t support Scalise.

In other words, the Republican leadership would rather ally themselves with a socialist, community-organizing, terrorist-enabling devotee of Saul Alinsky and let themselves be bossed around by black-hating, cross-burning Klansman than they would work with Bible-believing, Constitution-supporting conservatives.

To liberals, that makes perfect sense because anti-Americanism and racial division are bread and butter. To most Americans, however, that just underscores how far removed from the mainstream of our culture and history the GOP has become.

Thanks to Two-Face and crew, the November election has been stolen from the GOP by the GOP. The leadership has managed to pluck disaster from the jaws of victory and thrown its support behind one of the most blatant criminals in American history, President Obama.

Through the re-election of Boehner as speaker, conservatives have just been ousted from the halls of power.

Unless they can find a way to remove the RINOs or discover the strength to gut the GOP and start over with a new party, conservatives will remain voiceless for a long time to come.