Why Last Tuesday’s GOP Victory is Bad for the GOP and the Country Itself

[Editor’s note: I voted Republican and thus contributed to the GOP victory in a small way. So I don’t agree with writer’s opinion. But I thought it was worth considering. Sometimes I do think the populace needs to learn this kind of lesson. And I also suspect the GOP will be blamed for Obama’s sins over the next two years.]


Last Tuesday happened eight days ago, and you know how it went. In January a bunch of new Republicans will be sworn in and they will control both the House and the Senate for the first time in a decade. Right?

And who is president right now? Still Obama? What will happen when Congress passes bills and sends them to Obama only to be thrown in his trashcan? What happens when Obama continues ignoring Congress altogether and just writes his own laws?

Whatever good the Republicans hope to achieve by being the majority in both chambers of Congress will ultimately be fruitless, and the blame for the ill affects of Obama’s leadership will now convincingly be passed along to those Republicans because Americans are jackasses. The painfully few smart ones among us know you can’t blame Congress for the problems caused by a president who totally ignores Congress, but the leftists in this country will convince the moderates through the various media outlets that the forthcoming disastrous state of the country over the next two years will be the fault of Republicans. “Republicans control both chambers of Congress, see? Of course they’re to blame!” That’s what they will say, and they will convince people of this.

On the other hand, what if Democrats controlled both chambers (plus the presidency)? What if, beyond that, every Republican resigned from all congressional office? Only Democrats would hold office in both the House and the Senate. Not a single Republican among them. The Republicans will have resigned very publicly and, also very publicly—very, very publicly—made clear that it was understood that only Democrats are now in Congress, that there is not a single Republican among them, and that the country therefore lies entirely in Democratic hands.

Imagine that, the Detroit-ification of America, and then skip ahead two years to 2016. Republicans run again for the House, for the Senate, and for the presidency. Can you imagine the historic victory they would have? And I mean historic. Not a single Democrat would win. There wouldn’t be a Democrat in all of Congress, nor the White House, because the country will have gotten so much worse between 2014 and 2016, and only Democrats were in control, something that has never happened in this country before. No Republican will have had his hand in the collapse at all.

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The effects of total Democratic control would be so obvious and so painful that the citizens would be desperate for Republicans. The media wouldn’t be able to say that the 2014-2016 disaster was the fault of Republican “obstruction” or poor legislation written by Republicans since, after all, no Republicans existed in any office. Had the Republicans all resigned in 2014, it would have been celebrated by the media and it would be one of the biggest news stories in the entire history of this country. So in 2016, there would be no getting around the common-knowledge fact: not a single Republican held office between 2014 and 2016. So whatever the country will have gone through during that time would be blamed solely on Democrats.

Such a bold, genius move by the Republicans would have ultimately given them their greatest victory in the party’s entire history. But Republicans and conservatives are too stupid and shortsighted. They want victories now and are unwilling to make sacrifices and suffer the pain of what full Democratic control of the country would feel like, even if it means ultimate, prolonged victory. The conservatives would believe Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin when they would inevitably warn that the country could never return from such a disaster, “So we gotta win this election or it’s all over!” Bull crap.

Shortsighted idiots. Impatient fools. You want to fix the country? You have to have the humility to lose a few battles if you want to win this war. Let the Democrats run the show for a while. After a few years of that, the rest of the country will be scared straight and forever wipe Democrats off of every future ballot. Whatever damage the Democrats will have done would be undone by repealing whatever laws they established (which would be an easy task, unlike what Limbaugh scares us into believing, since Republicans would have control of Congress and the White House, and therefore also, in short time, the Supreme Court), and replace them with better laws.

Conservatives, Tea Partiers, all others on the mild-right, your idiocy and shortsightedness just allow the Republican-then-Democrat-then-Republican-then-Democrat wave that this country suffers every few elections to continue. If you want to erase Democrats from that equation and get the rest of the country to start being on the right side of politics for good instead of being so wishy-washy, encourage Republicans to just resign for a few years. If they don’t listen (they won’t), then vote them out of office by voting only for Democrats. Keep doing this and soon only Democrats will be in office, no Republicans, and that will be such a historic occurrence that the whole country would hear about it in the news, and whatever calamities await the country from such an occurrence will easily be blamed on the only ones in power: the Democrats.