At Least Canada Acknowledges a Terrorist Attack

Canadian leadership recognizes a terrorist attack while U.S. leadership still wants to insist on “workplace violence.”

The attack on Canada’s parliament provides us with a sickening juxtaposition.

The Daily Mail reports, “Revealed: Muslim convert who shot dead Canadian soldier is the ‘privately-educated son of country’s immigration chief, had his passport revoked and has ‘links to Syrian terrorist’

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the Muslim convert who fatally shot Corporal Nathan Cirillo – a 24-year-old father standing guard at Ottawa’s War Memorial, was a petty criminal and the son of a leading Canadian immigration official, it has been revealed.

Born in Quebec as Michael Joseph Hall and raised in Laval, just north of Montreal, the young man lived a quiet childhood of private schools and suburban homes, with a mother who was a high ranking federal employee.

Then, after years of run-ins with the law, he converted to Islam.


One of his friends, David Bathurst, a fellow convert, said he met him at at the Masjid al-Salaam mosque in Burnaby, British Columbia about three years ago.

Bathurst even got Zehaf-Bibeau a job at his family’s business, Bathurst Irrigation.

He said the young man lived in a small and unfurnished apartment, and that while he did not ‘at first appear to have extremist views or inclinations toward violence’ he ‘at times exhibited a disturbing side.’ 

The same day that it happened, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper called Wednesday’s attack, which killed one soldier in Ottawa, a “terrorist” event.

Five years later, President Barack Obama and the entire U.S. Federal government have still not called Nidal Hasan’s Allahu Akbar-shouting rampage at Fort Hood a terrorist attack, though Hasan murdered 13, and wounded more than 30.

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If today’s tortured verbal semantics by the U.S. Congress and White House were tolerated in 1941, here’s what Japan could have said:

pearl harbor

Will the United States ever have true leadership again? If no one in authority will speak the truth about what is patently obvious, then we clearly have no logical reason to trust them when they talk about everything else.

We mourn with our neighbors in Canada over the tragic loss of a 24-year-old father and patriot. And, at this sober moment, we envy and admire your leadership.