Left is Wrong, Right is Right

This may not have a lot to do with politics as such, but I think it needs to be talked about nonetheless. It is merely one symptom of the selfishness and ignorance that are killing this country. And honestly, it’s just really annoying. So I figured I would take this opportunity to post a public service announcement. Feel free to share it far and wide.

The left lane is not a cruising lane.

I don’t care how fast you are going. The left lane is a passing lane. So when you are driving down the highway in the left lane pacing a car in the right lane or just barely creeping by it, you are just blocking up traffic unnecessarily. If you are traveling the same speed as the car beside you, here’s what you do: slow down just slightly and get in the right lane to cruise; or speed up, pass the car beside you, and then get in the right lane to cruise.

But the right lane is the proper lane for cruising, no matter how fast you’re going. The left lane is not the fast lane. And the right lane isn’t the slow lane. No. Whether you are going slow or fast, if you are not passing someone or making room for an emergency vehicle, you should be in the right lane. In countries with much more carefully trained drivers, passing in the right lane is illegal. Because it is more dangerous. But passing in the right lane happens regularly here in the States because slow-moving cars regularly camp out in the passing lane for mysterious reasons I can’t comprehend.

For some reason, many American drivers don’t know or don’t follow this simple rule. It’s either that people don’t remember this from their learner’s permit book. Or maybe they do remember, and they just don’t care. After all, who cares about other people, right? Sometimes there is no difference between carelessness and spite.

This used to be a country where good manners and the proper procedure mattered to some degree. I know little courtesies like this seem trivial. But when you remove all of them within a short space of time, a country can become a rather dismal place. As Fred Astaire said, “The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any.” And he died in the 80s. What would he think now?