Why The Left Replaces Facts With Arguments: A Popular Strategy For Attacking Our 2nd Amendment Rights

Debating guns in our society is one of the hottest topics in any media outlet.  There is a notable pattern I’ve noticed, one that’s all too common.  Those who oppose guns can’t dispute the facts, so they use scare tactics and a list of ‘what-ifs’ to make their scary points.  Most of the time it works on uneducated citizens, including the younger college students who are easily influenced by emotional content.  Once we can remove the argument and look at only the facts, there are some surprising results that the Left tends to never share.


Just The Facts, Please.

In America, we have some states that completely restrict their citizens from owning firearms.  There are other states who are the polar opposite, allowing open carry for any law-abiding citizen.  Naturally, convicted felons aren’t eligible to open carry anywhere in those Second Amendment friendly states.  Here is a detailed colorized map that shows what I’m talking about.

The state of New York is one of the most gun restrictive states in the USA.  Here is a chart of their crime statistics for the capitol of New York State, Albany:  http://www.city-data.com/crime/crime-Albany-New-York.html

The State of New Hampshire is one of the least restrictive, and allows for unlicensed, unrestricted open carry for law abiding citizens.  Here is a chart of their capitol city crime statistics, Concord:  http://www.city-data.com/crime/crime-Concord-New-Hampshire.html

Right click both links, choose the selection for them to open in a new tab.  Make sure they’re side by side.  Now make the comparison.  Those are the facts that anti-gun advocates despise, and why you’ll never see them link to any source that compares crimes in gun friendly states versus gun restrictive states.


What If

The ‘What-If’ scenario is perhaps one of the most influential tactics used to make a stance on how you view this subject in a different light.  What if a law abiding citizen goes bad and starts shooting people?  What if a firearm goes off by accident and kills a kid?  These perceived horrors can happen, and in some rare instances, have happened.  Shall we explore the power of ‘what-if’ from the other side of things?  What if a woman prevents her own murder?  What if a law abiding citizen prevents a robbery?  Those things aren’t fanciful flights of fancy, as they have also happened.

The moment we let this run away from us, then statements like this will start running our lives, instead of the facts we’re being taught to ignore with such behavior.  What if a clown starts murdering children in large numbers?  Yes, that has happened before as well, by a man known as John Wayne Gacy.  Shall we go around jailing all clowns just because they ‘might’ end up murdering children?  Of course not, common sense alone resolves that issue.  So why are we not applying the same common sense to everything else, including the gun debate?


Exposing the Left’s Blame Game

When a horrific incident happens, the Left immediately looks for something or someone to blame.  Gun opponents will of course, blame the guns.  They fail to understand that human nature is a dark, predatory thing that lives within every person.  Respect for human life is a unique feature, not the normal mindset around the entire world.  If you want to fully understand what I cannot teach in this limited article, this is what you can do.  Find any college book store.  Fork out the cash for the latest Criminal Psychology 101 textbook.  Read it from front to back.  Once you get that done, you’ll finally understand that no amount of banning anything will deter a true killer, or any deviant sociopath who is incapable of remorse or regret over their actions.  If guns are gone, they’ll go to knives and bats.  Once knives and bats are gone, a determined killer will use their bare hands.  The point is, the Left tends to blame and point, rather than analyze and learn the true causes.  Without that knowledge, solutions become impossible.