Left Trashes Our Culture With Trash Talk

I spend a good deal of time at one of our local college campuses. At least I think it’s a college campus.

I see people with books and backpacks. Some of them seem to be studying.

The reason I’m confused is because whenever I walk across campus, it sounds more like a sailor’s convention than a college.

College is supposed to elevate your mind, expose you to lofty ideas and expand your thinking, not act as a state-funded locker room where you swap curse-laden stories about loose women and engage in verbal penile displays of dominance.

(A substantial portion of the student population is perpetually wearing headphones, probably because it’s difficult to walk 50 feet on that campus without your ears bleeding.)

Really, there are only a couple of dozen truly choice curse words to begin with (I don’t count words found in the Bible, like “damn” or “hell”). I guess I don’t see the fascination.

It seems like some college students’ vocabulary is only slightly more expansive than that of your average Smurf:

Grumpy SmurfSmurf smurfy smurf smurfety smurf, smurfety smurfing smurfers!

Papa SmurfThere’s no call for that kind of language!

The “kids” get it from everywhere these days, so perhaps they can’t be blamed for what comes out of their mouths. Television, video games, rap music, movies, magazines, the Internet — it all serves to degrade our national conversation.

One of the primary outlets for verbal filth these days is politics. Our so-called leaders in Congress, the White House and elsewhere make clear their contempt for voters and each other with every interview they give.

This tends to make voters angry in response.

I wish I could lay this phenomenon exclusively at the feet of liberals. It’s everywhere, though there are some liberals who clearly enjoy wallowing in gutter talk like a dog rolling in a piece of maggot-riddled meat.

Left-wing icons like Bill Maher, Kathy Griffin, Michael Bloomberg and Joe Biden just can’t seem to help themselves. They and a long list of left-wing celebrities seem to have long-running battles with Tourette’s Syndrome.

Even left-wing education leaders have the verbal tic. David Coleman, who is the primary architect behind the Common Core national school curriculum that has been adopted by almost all the states has a reputation for cussing during presentations about how Common Core will change how kids learn.

That attitude of contempt rolls downhill and infects our whole society.

Then along comes an event like Monday’s bombing of the Boston Marathon, and all we hear from the Left is “don’t politicize this.” So the Right dutifully zips its lip and tries to be respectful while left-wing TV hosts and politicians keep running their mouths and trying to score political points for gun control, raising taxes and all the liberal agenda.

It’s enough to make you want to cuss a blue streak.