Left Tried to Pin Death on Romney, But Obama Has Real Blood on His Hands

I have to admit that Mitt Romney isn’t my favorite candidate, but he does have an advantage over many of his Republican rivals in that he’s truly Mr. Clean.

Either Romney’s skeletons are so well buried that Democrats can’t find them, or he genuinely doesn’t have any shade in his past.

It’s nothing short of remarkable that the best the Obamanation camp has been able to dig up on Romney is that he’s rich. Normally, complete fabrications like the “war on women” and “he killed my wife by firing me” would just be supplements in a sleazy Democratic campaign, but this time, they’re the master plan, the best play Obama’s got.

One of the big drawbacks of Romney, however, is that he doesn’t have a killer instinct. Fighting one of the dirtiest politicians of all time, Romney is trying to be civil.

Unlike the false accusations that Romney killed Joe Soptic’s wife or committed tax felonies, Obama is actually the head of an administration whose contempt for the law has cost human lives here and abroad.

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry found out the cost of working for this outlaw administration when he was shot to death by a Mexican drug smuggler using a U.S. firearm obtained from the Department of Justice under AG Eric Holder.

The Fast and Furious program that gave guns to drug runners helped turn the border and much of Mexico into even more of a war zone than it was. A high-level drug trafficker in U.S. custody has alleged that the Obama Administration made a deal with the Sinaloa Cartel to provide it with weapons in exchange for intel on other drug cartels.

This past week, two more U.S. agents riding in an armored U.S. Embassy car were wounded on the road to Cuernavaca when gunmen in a Mexican federal police vehicle opened fire. The White House has said the agents were not DEA or FBI, but it has not acknowledged which agency was involved. The Mexican government denies involvement.

Obama’s failure to deliver on his economic promises can be raised here as well. If the Democratic Party would have us believe Romney is responsible for someone’s death because her husband was laid off, then what should we think about a president who has allowed rampant unemployment that results in a man’s firing and leads to a mass shooting?

Jeffrey Johnson, who had been fired a year earlier, on Friday stalked and killed his boss on a Manhattan street, then turned his gun on police. Johnson was killed and eight bystanders were injured in the ensuing gun battle.

How many other cases of violence across this country have resulted from joblessness? If Democrats think it’s a fair question to ask of Romney, then it’s a fair question to ask of Obama.

More clear cut is the damage Obama has caused in the Middle East. The “Arab Spring” that the president supported and touted as the rise of democracy has turned into a roving bloodbath that has as its main purpose the installation of the Muslim Brotherhood in the halls of power.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has been moving swiftly to consolidate his power, and he has massed military units in the Sinai, near the Israeli border.

In Syria, the Brotherhood, with back-door U.S. aid, has been fighting the government’s forces, which are backed in turn by Iran and the Soviet Union. With neighboring NATO member Turkey already on alert, the possibility of the Syrian conflict growing is looming over the area’s politics at a time when Iran is growing more belligerent about its nuclear program and Morsi is sending ambassadors to Tehran.

Even withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan is proving to be a potentially costly mistake as the Iraqi government has made overtures of alliance to Iran, and Afghanis are turning against the reduced number of U.S. troops.

But the media will never connect any of these issues to Obama’s failed policies. Romney needs to step up his game and really start playing to win. There are plenty of voters who have yet to take a hard look at Obama, and it’s up to Romney to make sure they do.