Left-Wing Sycophants and Race Kiss-Ups

I’m tired of being a category. I decline to be classified, categorized, stamped, filed, indexed or numbered.

I am a free human being.

(Cue off-stage, villainous laughter.)

Forgive the “Prisoner”-inspired outburst, but I had to say something after listening to Chris Matthews, interviewing two black guests about the George Zimmerman — excuse me — Trayvon Martin case, apologizing “for all white people.”

Hey Chris, don’t you dare include me in your butt-kissery.

This “whites are racist” baloney has gone too far. I’ve been privileged throughout my life to know and work with many brilliant, creative and socially responsible black people in a broad range of fields.

Every single one of them worked to get where they were, and they believed in things like community, family and traditional values.

I’ve also met a lot of people with severely low self-esteem who held themselves to no standard of behavior and who blamed everyone around them for their troubles instead of taking personal responsibility. Racism exists, but mostly in the leftist education establishment and the media that brainwash blacks from birth that there’s something wrong with them, inculcating the “soft bigotry of low expectations.”

To add insult to injury, those feelings are then directed by educators and media toward whites, using history as a cover story. It’s an ongoing power play — divide and conquer.

If Matthews wants to apologize for someone, he should apologize for himself and the other race hucksters who are milking the Zimmerman trial and stop pretending that the Left gives a damn about equality, racial or otherwise.

Just look at what the other Left hand is doing as Bill Maher and the rest of the media shred black conservatives.

Recently, Maher and his bright-red nose were cutting into Dr. Ben Carson, whom Maher described as “the first doctor to separate conjoined twins at the head — and he believes the Earth is 6,000 years old and that homosexuality is akin to bestiality and the Bible calls for a flat tax. He’s half brilliant brain surgeon, half Tea Party dumb a**.”

A lot of people believe in a young Earth, homosexuality is still a sin, and the Bible has a lot of good economic advice that goes against liberal socialism.

Still, Maher is a barometer for what the Left thinks, if “think” is applicable at all. Someday, I’d like to see him honestly explain which of the three Tea Party principles he hates so much: free markets, lawful government and fiscal responsibility. (The truth is it’s probably all three he despises.)

Maher went on to call the exceptional Dr. Carson “an anti-intellectual with an advanced degree.”

Sounds like jealousy from the anti-intellectual pothead with a low-rated TV show.

But it’s also a shining example of the Left’s hypocritical racism. If you’re black, low-brow and liberal, you get a phony apology from the likes of Matthews. If you’re black, intelligent and conservative, you get the hounds set loose on you.