Leftists Defend Barack Obama on Bowe Bergdahl: “Republicans Are Talking! Cover Your Ears!”

I have to admit, the outrage over Bowe Bergdahl made me wonder if there was some key piece of information was being left out of the equation. Did the Administration just trade Taliban leaders for a man who went AWOL?

Well, now that I see responses from Gawker and Salon, I am pretty confident that there is no reason to fear. All they can say in response is that the testimony from fellow soldiers is being brought to the media by Republican strategists.

Thus, we read in Gawker:

Many soldiers who served with or searched for Bergdahl after he was taken prisoner in Afghanistan are justifiably angry about the circumstances surrounding his Taliban capture. The preponderance of the evidence suggests he probably deserted his Army post, and the search for him cost American materiel and lives. But rather than waiting for a military process to answer those questions and pronounce judgment on Bergdahl—the Army’s top general, in fact, said today that charges are still possible—several of the soldiers have agreed to participate in a GOP-run dog-and-pony show, swift-boat style, for electoral advantage.

The post then cites the New York Times, which interviewed these “justifiably angry” soldiers and says the interviews were arranged by “Republican strategists.”

So what?

Doesn’t the opposition party typically dig up inconvenient facts about the other party? The Democrats constantly dug up everything they could find to use against the Bush Administration. Now sometimes those “facts” turned out to be fictions, but that was determined by investigation. If Bush had claimed that the accuser was a Democrat, that would not prove the accusation was false.

After all, as you can read in the above paragraph, the Gawker post pretty much admits all the negative things that Republicans are upset about.

The Slate piece is even more of a smear job, labelling as “far right” people who commit a host of sins. But for many “far right” wingers, Pat Tillman is a hero and the military command contemptible for how they treated him and his family. And how some people responded to Tillman is irrelevant to how others are responding to the very real accusation against Bergdahl.

The fact remains that this exchange was completely illegal—yet another usurpation of Congressional authority by the President.

Beyond all this, let’s recall Obama’s boast that Bergdahl “wasn’t forgotten by his country.”


We’ll see what happens when he tries to make an important appointment at a VA hospital.