Left’s Answer to Evil: Get Rid of the Handguns

Leave it to the Left to turn a confrontation with the mystery of human evil into a referendum on an inanimate object.

The crime scene at Sandy Hook was barely surrounded by police tape and the Left was on the air and the web pushing its anti-gun agenda.

The investigation into why Adam Lanza killed more than two dozen people is ongoing, and findings won’t be reported for weeks or even months. That didn’t stop Sen. Dianne Feinstein from dropping an anti-gun bill in the hopper before Christmas vacation. She promises to introduce the bill first thing when Congress resumes.

The bill has little to do with the circumstances of the shootings and is really just a grab bag of handgun restrictions that target some of the most popular self-defense tools available.

But the Left’s perspective problem goes deeper than a simple gun phobia. It seems to be a prerequisite belief of the liberal outlook that even complex problems must have simple explanations.

Thus even people who see past the nonsensical bias against guns can’t help but look for another materialistic answer, be it drugs or mental illness.

Connecticut Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver has contacted geneticists at the University of Connecticut to examine Lanza’s DNA to see if there is an identifiable “evil gene,” as the Daily Mail termed it.

The study will reportedly examine Lanza’s entire genome for any mutations that could have caused violent or aggressive behavior.

While it may have some academic interest, such a study is likely just an exercise in vanity if anyone expects to find a solution to mass shootings in DNA. Humans are more than bags of chemicals, and the choices we make are more than just chemical reactions in the brain.

The Left always discounts the factor of free will. Perhaps it’s a symptom of their nanny state impulse, or even one of the sources of it. But simple knee-jerk responses will never get near a solution for the problem of human evil.

But solutions isn’t what the anti-gun agenda is about. As the saying goes, gun control is about control, not guns. And control, at its root, is always about the fears of the would-be oppressors.

By taking away the ability of good people to defend themselves, the Left will only wind up feeding the evil it claims to oppose.