Lesbian Mother: Raising Half-Black Toddler Difficult in My Community

Lesbian mother Jennifer Cramblett is alleging that she and her partner were harmed by her artificially breeding a baby whose father is African American, when she wanted and expected otherwise.

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At the Chicago Tribune website, we read: “Lawsuit: Wrong sperm delivered to lesbian couple.”

I completely understand that this was a failure to deliver contracted services. But notice what they put in their lawsuit:

A white Ohio woman is suing a Downers Grove-based sperm bank, alleging that the company mistakenly gave her vials from an African-American donor, a fact that she said has made it difficult for her and her same-sex partner to raise their now 2-year-old daughter in an all-white community.

Wow. Is there any doubt that these partners have a “progressive” social circle? I doubt very much that this is some kind of regressive community of Conservatives that constitute these women’s friends. What a revelation.

I don’t get it. Christians adopt across racial lines all the time. No one makes a big deal about this. Like all things, I suspect it becomes a source of drama especially during the teen years. Anything that makes one different is a source of tension at that point.

But a two-year-old is difficult to raise in a Lebian couple’s community because they are all white? Really? What kind of bigots are you girls hanging out with?

Or, perhaps the real question is: What kind of “difficulties” are you so sensitive to? Sounds like a scorching case of the hashtag, First World Problems.

“On August 21, 2012, Jennifer gave birth to Payton, a beautiful, obviously mixed-race baby girl,” the lawsuit states. “Jennifer bonded with Payton easily and she and Amanda love her very much. Even so, Jennifer lives each day with fears, anxieties and uncertainty about her future and Payton’s future.”

Raising a mixed-race daughter has been stressful in Cramblett and Zinkon’s small, all-white community, according to the suit. Cramblett was raised around people with stereotypical attitudes about nonwhites, the lawsuit states, and did not know African-Americans until she attended college at the University of Akron.

Uh, again: Lesbian couple! They have already decided to throw some much stranger things into their community than a half-African-American daughter. And the kind of “stereotypes” that Cramblett is speaking of, if there is any truth to her claims, are the kind that would melt in the presence of her own daughter.

As far as living “each day with fears, anxieties and uncertainty about her future and Payton’s future,” yeah, I have 100 percent biologically matched offspring and I testify that what she is talking about is called “being a parent.” Anxiety comes with the job. Wake up and smell the responsibility.

But as far as race specific anxiety is concerned: 1) Peyton would rather face that than not exist (and her mother should encourage that attitude rather than make her doubt the rightness of her existence!) and 2) the future looks great for Payton because we are moving into a post-minority culture.

Cramblett goes on to claim that her family’s problems with her lesbianism translates they must have problems with an interracial child. Homosexual self-justifications and self-serving stereotypes just parade out of this lawsuit.

And then this piece of whining:

Cramblett’s therapists have advised her that for her and her child’s psychological well-being, she must relocate to a racially diverse community with good schools, according to the suit.

Give me a break!