Let ‘Em Starve: GITMO Hunger Strike Escalates

The number of prisoners at the enemy-combatant detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, who are engaging in the hunger strike that began there in February has now grown to 103. That comes to 62 percent of GITMO’s detainees. If 62 percent of them end up starving to death, that’s 62 percent that we would save from the GITMO budget allocated to taking care of the detainees.

From The Washington Post:

“The initial catalyst was a decision by the guard force at Guantanamo Bay to search detainees’ Korans. The military said that detainees have used Korans to hide contraband, and that the searches were conducted by Muslim cultural advisers, not ordinary guards. The prisoners objected and said the searches amounted to desecration.”

Islamists are not the brightest people. Their argument makes no logical sense. They are prisoners; searching for contraband, which they have historically hidden in their Korans, is not desecration, but even if it were, what does that matter? They’re not American citizens; we can desecrate their Korans if we want.

The Post continues:

“The hunger strike quickly became a wider protest about what the detainees considered the president’s abandonment of his policy to close the facility.”

Hey, don’t worry, terrorists; your bro Barack’s got your backs. He promised in a speech on March 23 to repatriate more than half of you. Though, why you’d want out is beyond me; your treatment at GITMO is much better than it would be at any other prison. Right now you get culturally sensitive mealsa soccer fieldvideo games, and even the opportunity to continue your education.

Ridiculously, we aren’t allowing some of the hunger-strikers to starve themselves; we are force-feeding 41 of them. (This is where the reader bangs his head on the wall.)

We should let them starve! They’re doing to themselves exactly what we want to do to them but legally can’t. The end game is their execution, is it not? I might be wrong, but they are no longer being interrogated, right? If that’s the case, then they no longer serve any purpose. So why are we force-feeding them? Why are we forcing them to live? If they want to die, let them die. Why should we pay money to keep terrorists alive?

By all means, fellas, starve.