Let’s Get Behind Walt Disney World Boycott

Finally some good news out of the George Zimmerman malcontents who are using race to promote a divided America.

Some black leaders are calling for a boycott of Walt Disney World in Orlando. I’ve very excited. A visit to Walt Disney World will mean shorter lines, fewer liberals, and maybe even an end to “gay day.” Hotel and motel prices might fall because of the lower demand. The free market — supply and demand — in action.

On the other hand, as people hear about the boycott, they might be inclined to take that long-postponed vacation thinking that the crowds will be smaller. The end result might be larger crowds.

Like so much of what today’s outspoken racialists do, they attack the innocent for the crimes of the guilty. The people at Walt Disney World didn’t commit a crime. Why should they be punished?

Florida isn’t the only state with a Stand Your Ground Law. Moreover, the law had nothing to do with the Trayvon Martin shooting, and it protects people of all races.

Of course, I think most Americans are fed up with the marches, the guilt-manipulation, and the claims of racism, especially when they hear about the many black men and children who are killed every day by other blacks. Chicago, New York, Detroit, and Washington DC are ignored.

And what about the marches? They were a bust:

“Nationwide rallies against the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin drew small crowds, a sign that Americans had largely accepted the verdict and that race relations are not nearly as frayed as Al Sharpton’s National Action Network had sought to indicate. The flagship rally in New York only drew a crowd of ‘hundreds,’ while a rally in Newport News, Virginia struggled to draw two dozen.”

As I mentioned in a previous article, a boycott based on race will only hurt those who depend on the Florida tourist business. Maryland Rep. Donna Edwards understands this. “The impact on some communities could be devastating.”

Liberals forget that Florida is a tax haven. One of the reasons LeBron James picked the Miami Heat over the New York Knicks was because of Florida’s low taxes. It was the reason Rush Limbaugh and other millionaires left New York for the Sunshine State. Residents don’t pay any personal income tax, the sales tax rate is 6 percent, and the gasoline tax is 17 cents   per gallon.

Black racialists are calling on LeBron James to leave Miami. LeBron did get his Heat teammates to wear “hoodies” in memory of Trayvon. But will he leave Miami? Maybe he and his black teammates can join the Chicago Bulls, the black-on-black murder capital of America.