LGBT Intimidation of Conservative Donors Helped Destroy Marriage

Conservative donors decided that they couldn’t personally risk donating to causes that opposed same-sex “marriage.”

When you hear the Koch brothers being vilified because they support some conservative causes, you probably wonder how much they personally are affected by the attacks. I don’t know the answer to that question. But I don’t think vilifying the Koch brothers is done simply to have an effect on them or even only to “rally the troops” by giving the Liberal masses an object of hatred.

Even if the Koch brothers are relatively protected from the hatred, there are many other conservative donors who are watching.

Likewise, consider how Brendan Eich was fired from his company, Mozilla, for a donation he made to the successful California campaign to keep the definition of marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman. This taught wealthy people about how they could lose big if they tried to help defend marriage.

Recently, Mass Resistance, a Massachusetts-based group, posted under the headline, “The US Supreme Court “gay marriage” ruling – how we got to this, and what do we do now?

They make several claims that are well worth reading but this one really stood out to me:

The other huge obstacle to pro-family success has been the cowardly exit of wealthy conservative donors from this battle. It became evident soon after the Proposition-8 victory in California, when homosexual activists viciously (and very publicly) attacked key individuals and businesses who had donated to the pro-family side. And the pro-family side did little to counter it. So it’s had the desired effect. Many wealthy conservative businessmen have admitted to us that they’re simply afraid to donate to groups in this fight.

As a result, it’s been overwhelmingly difficult for our side. Homosexual groups receive millions from pro-“gay” individuals, corporations, and the government. But front-line pro-family groups are always scrambling just to pay their bills. It’s not uncommon for pro-family groups to be at a 50-1 or even 100-1 funding disadvantage in crucial LGBT battles. When pleaded with for needed support, conservative businessmen simply shrug their shoulders.

I wish we could re-play history and point out to those potential donors that they were only delaying the inevitable. The New Order is going to affect them and their children. They didn’t buy real security by making this devil’s bargain. On the other hand, if they had been willing to risk more, they might have prevented it.

In any case, the lesson here for all of us now is, don’t be a coward.

Be kind. Be wise. Be generous. Be judicious.

But be brave. You can’t be faithful unless you can show some courage.

Holding to a principle and being intimidated into silence has the same effect in history as not holding to the principle.