Liberal Admits (Justified) Desire For Control Of Our Lives

A 20-year-old hopelessly naive liberal attempted to rebut the conservative claims in an image online that claimed that “Liberalism Is All About Control.” The liberal’s main argument was that liberalism is not about control, and he offered a counterargument to each argument made in the image.

Here’s how I’m going to do this: I’ll write some of the better points from the list, with each one followed, in bold, by the liberal’s counterargument, which will then be followed by my pointing out why his argument doesn’t hold.

  • Control what kind of car you can drive. ”Fuel-efficient and nature-safe cars, which will end up healing the Earth from over-pollution and save money due to no gasoline in cars.”

This isn’t a rebuttal of the claim that “liberalism is all about control”; it is in fact an affirmation of the claim, followed by a fantastical, utopian excuse.

  • Control where you can smoke. “How is this a problem? Second-hand smoke is dangerous to non-smokers, especially young children. Do you think you should be allowed to smoke in Denny’s with families everywhere?”

Again, he admits liberals want control in this area, but he excuses it as righteous.

  • Control what you drink. “[T]he closest instance to this is removing drink sizes in NYC that are above 16 ounces. That’s not saying what you can drink; it’s teaching portion control. You are not banned from getting more.”

“Portion control.” The liberal denies that liberals want to control people, and he does so by using the excuse, “It’s portion control.” Ironic. Government isn’t there to teach us lessons and control our portions.

  • Control what kind of guns you can have. “Do you honestly think civilians should be allowed to have any type of gun? Seriously?”

Again, the guy isn’t denying the desire of liberals to control guns. He’s just saying this desire is justified.

  • Control your health care. “Currently, medicine is a business industry, so it does need regulations or else it will be allowed to do anything it wanted to, and the people would suffer. 

His answer goes on, but it’s too long, and that is the gist of it—that health care needs to be controlled (somehow this is supposed to refute the notion that liberals want to control health care).

  • Control what you can say. “Yes, when it comes to discriminatory, offensive, violent things, or issues of national security.”

This is offensive to my free-speech-lover in me. Why haven’t liberals banned him from saying this? It offended me; therefore, according to this liberal, he should have been banned from saying it. See, the First Amendment was made specifically for controversial and offensive language; if it were intended for only pleasant language, then Free Speech wouldn’t be needed at all since nobody would want to ban such pleasantries!

  • Control your kids’ education. “Considering how the government is in charge of education, yeah.”

And liberals will never, ever give up the control they have over education through the government.

  • Control what light bulbs you can use. “Is it that big of a…deal?….It’s making sure that light bulbs are up to the requirement standards.”

And that’s not control? Or is it just “righteous” control?

In attempting to quash the notion that liberalism is all about control, the liberal inadvertently admitted it is all about control—but that it’s justified. Liberals will not be content until they have nosed their way into all facets of our lives. They desire control and justify it as a righteous endeavor that will not only save us from ourselves, but save the planet. They are the greatest textbook examples of both power and hero complexes.