Liberal Blogger & Journalist Shows How Most News Is Controlled For Political Purposes

A writer describes what happened after he wrote a critique of Obama’s Afghan strategy at

But then phone calls from the White House started pouring in, berating my bosses for being critical of Obama on this policy. Obama’s advisor Ben Rhodes — speaking of a staffer who follows policy set by others for his career path — even made a post on the White House blog more or less attacking my chart by fudging the numbers and including both the Iraq and Afghan troop levels in a single chart to make it seem as if the surge never happened (the marvels of things you can do in Excel!). 

Soon afterwards all of us ThinkProgress national security bloggers were called into a meeting with CAP senior staff and basically berated for opposing the Afghan war and creating daylight between us and Obama. It confused me a lot because on the one hand, CAP was advertising to donors that it opposed the Afghan war — in our “Progressive Party,” the annual fundraising party we do with both Big Name Progressive Donors and corporate lobbyists (in the same room!) we even advertised that we wanted to end the war in Afghanistan.

Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin: Birds of a feather. Each of them desires to forcefully dictate what the media says about their leadership and policies.

In a very real sense, the Democratic Establishment is also pretty much like the Republican Establishment: Principle be damned, if it threatens our sense of maintaining power and control. The elites in both Parties are out-of-control, and need to be deposed.

Pay attention to this Liberal blogger/journalist as he describes the Administration’s actions to restrict what he was allowed to write:

“…what that meeting with CAP [Center for American Progress–an unabashedly Liberal “think tank”] senior staff showed me was that they viewed being closer to Obama and aligning with his policy as more important than demonstrating progressive principle, if that meant breaking with Obama. Essentially, they were doing the same thing to us RT America is telling its American producers to do now — align with your boss, who is the president of the country.”

“…yes, RT America has its biases and you should know that when you watch its coverage. But don’t judge those who work there, claiming they are just Kremlin Robots out to rebuild the Soviet Empire. They’re not that anymore than I was an Obamabot arguing for a long, pointless war in Afghanistan.”