Liberal Hypocrisy, Case No. 8,204

Picking apart the arguments of one’s opponents is a good exercise for the brain. It helps assure one knows here he himself stands. Since Thursday was a pretty slow news day, I thought I’d pick apart two points of absurdity that I found in a piece written by Michael Tomasky for The Daily Beast in which he whines that Republicans are not more like Democrats, essentially yearning for a one-party tyranny.

Writing about what he calls the apparent attempts of Republicans to rebrand themselves as of late, Tomasky says that such efforts will ultimately prove to be for naught because “They still have an electoral base that sees politics basically as an arena to exact revenge….” This, as opposed to a presidential candidate running for a second term encouraging his supporters that they need to vote specifically and explicitly in order to exact revenge upon Republicans.

This was a part of Obama’s “voting is the best revenge” speech that Tomasky actually defended. When Romney made a big deal over it, Tomasky managed to twist that into evidence of racism and a fear of black people. I guess he feels that it’s completely understandable to feel threatened by a black person seeking revenge, otherwise he wouldn’t have jumped to that conclusion. But don’t worry, that doesn’t make Tomasky a racist.

This anti-revenge Michael Tomasky is the same Michael Tomasky who, just this past December, wrote, “I hope to high heaven he [Obama] seeks and secures his revenge” for the Republicans’ making him “eat dirt” over the debt-ceiling debates of 2011.

Tomasky also writes that Republicans have been winning elections over the past 40 years by “telling the white majority that ‘they’ are coming after your money and status and privilege.” Yet three paragraphs above that, he does the very thing he accuses Republicans of doing, warning, “You’ve got to hold on to your wallet any time a Republican talks about ‘modernizing’ Medicare.”

It seems Tomasky doesn’t like his money being taken when it goes to a Republican-led government, but that if Republicans ever have the same gripes about a Democrat-led government, they can shove it.

What’s this? A liberal double standard? A liberal hypocrite? Unheard of.

As you can see, folks, can be fun and informative to listen to liberals. If only to further cement our belief that conservatism is sane, conservatism is right.