Liberal Hysteria: Monsanto’s Coming To Kill Us All!

Monsanto, the company that genetically modifies food seeds, is not a subject that really moves me one way or another, but the fervor surrounding it does move me into wanting to support Monsanto instinctively.

I think much of the fear over GMOs (genetically modified organisms, the organism in this case being food) is only as deep as the term “genetically modified.” “Genetically modified” is a term that can be heard in many a sci-fi/horror movie about science-lab experiments gone awry, resulting in human-alien hybrids that break free and wreak havoc on nearby towns. I think much of the anti-GMO sentiment is based on pure emotionalism.

Rick Moran, at American Thinker, shares a bit of history about the practice of genetically modifying our foods:

“For the same reason that shale oil development is opposed—It will lead to increased supplies of fossil fuels and doom the planet—the anti-GMO crowd doesn’t like the idea that Monsanto’s seeds can feed an expanding world population. Do they really believe that GMO’s are poisonous? Are they that stupid? Humans have been genetically engineering seeds for thousands of years. A history of corn shows dramatic human intervention that changed the plant from a small cob-like vegetable into maize and finally into what we are now familiar with. Every vegetable has been altered by humans using crude cross-breeding methods long before recorded history. Just because it’s done in a lab by geneticists instead of in a field by paleo-humans doesn’t mean it’s any more dangerous. Governments around the world utilize GMO’s because they’re safe and contribute to an expanding food supply. It would be a shame if a few anti-science lefties were to prevent the feeding of billions because they fear what they cannot understand.”

I never did see the harm in genetically modifying foods. “Evolution,” while I don’t believe in it, is basically genetic modification. If society accepts evolution, why not GMOs? It’s not as if every seed has been tampered with; only the parent seeds have been. Once you alter the foods, that’s how they stay naturally. The next generation of genetically modified seeds are no longer genetically modified, but grow naturally with their parents’ modification.

While I don’t really come down on either side of the Monsanto issue, I am always cautious of throwing support behind any liberal cause du jour. Perhaps Monsanto does things differently and their food is dangerous; I don’t know. But emotional liberals like to congregate and feel like they are behind important things. It gives them an emotional high. I don’t know much of anything about Monsanto, but I’m inclined to believe the emotionalism behind it all is just nonsense.