Liberal Intolerance of Whitey

I posted the picture to the right on Friday afternoon, writing of it, “These are the locations where Muslims are currently rioting. Peacefully, mind you, with fire and blood. Muslims are taking over the world. How’s that multicultural condescension working out for you, liberals?”

That’s all I said. An examination of these words by the savviest of students of rhetoric would unearth nothing remotely to do with race.

And yet a liberal responded to me in the usual manner by writing, “Turns out white people are still complete a**holes.”

Now, the only way this person could know I am white is by specifically seeking out the photo of my face that I have on my website. But what compelled him to look up my photo? To see if I was white. Why did he want to know if I was white? Because if I were anything other than a caucasoid, the liberal would not have felt comfortable bringing attention to my skin color the way that he did: “Turns out white people are still complete a**holes.”

What did I say to inspire such kind words? One thing I did was to point out facts. I pointed out that innocent people were being savagely killed, buildings being burned. This is as indisputable as to say planes hit the two of the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001. But what insulted the liberal was neither the killings nor the burnings, but my observance of them as a white person.

The second thing I did was to refer to multiculturalism as “multicultural condescension,” but what has this to do with race? It’s culture. It’s even right there in the name: multi-culture-alism. To tell people who know better that a culture of raping and pillaging is just as valid and good a culture as, say, the Manhattan culture of coffee and cigarettes–well, that is condescension.

So why am I, a white man, not allowed to speak out against atrocities committed by non-whites? Should I close my eyes, shut my ears, ignore the riots? Because I won’t. I took President Reagan’s advice before I even heard his words: “Don’t be afraid to see what you see.”