Liberal Legacy: San Francisco Streets Littered With Human Waste

San Francisco used to be a nice town. The shining City by the Bay.

That was a long time ago, though, before the city turned into one of the nation’s leading dens of liberalism and the residents went collectively insane.

There are a lot of troubles these days in San Francisco, the home town of Nancy Pelosi. Most of them are brought on by the leaders of San Francisco, from designating the town a “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens to allowing various “clothing optional” parades, fairs and other events.

But one of San Francisco’s biggest social problems is homelessness. Homeless people cram the parks, the public square, transit systems and streets.

In addition to aggressive panhandling, the homeless contribute something else to the city’s eroding charm: mountains of human waste.

Throughout the city, the homeless urinate and defecate in public like animals, causing headaches for city cleaning and maintenance teams. Some neighborhoods, like the Tenderloin, South of Market and Mission, are known these days for their stench as much as their history and landmarks.

The latest gross-out factoid about San Francisco’s homeless bathroom habits is the discovery that public urination has grown to such levels that it is eroding the metal on light posts and street signs.

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Early this month, a man driving his car home from the city was nearly crushed, along with his two passengers, when a three-story streetlight, with road sign attached, snapped at the base and fell across his car’s windshield.

City officials concluded that the post had been corroded by human and animal urine and finally just broke.

That’s not even the worst of it. The city’s subway system, BART, has had an ongoing maintenance battle in keeping its escalators operational.

The leading reason for the constant breakdowns? Human feces clogging the gears.

The subway stations are accessible even at night when the trains aren’t running. This leads the homeless to seek shelter inside, and some of their favorite spots are at the bottom of escalators.

The problem has been so bad at various points that hazmat teams have had to be called to clean up before repairs could be made on the escalators. At one point, workers refused to deal with the crap any more and BART just shut down all the escalators.

The city’s public defecation problem is so bad that there have been “poop maps” made from Department of Public Works data showing the parts of town where you’re most likely to step in someone’s calling card.

As a former Bay Area native, it’s hard not to see this sort of thing as symbolic of what has happened to the whole region, indeed the whole state, under the mismanagement of generations of liberals. One of the wealthiest cities around, and San Francisco is covered in human waste from hordes of homeless.

Like other notoriously run-down towns, such as Detroit, San Francisco is definitely feeling the effects of socialist rule.

The people of San Francisco and California really need to wake up and smell the … I was going to say coffee, but I think we all know that’s the stench of liberalism.