Liberal “Perspective”—Obamacare Rollout A Disaster But Republicans Are Evil For Opposing It

It is increasingly difficult in this country to understand how other people think. Obamacare is a huge failure right now, but, Liberals assure each other, it will succeed at some point and the Republicans are evil for opposing it.

Thus, Michael Tomasky in the Daily Beast:

At the same time, he [Obama] is right that the health-care act isn’t just a website, it’s a program. Even with all the failures, just in casual media-consuming, I have been surprised at the number of positive anecdotal stories I’ve read. People are signing up. In a brand-new Washington Post poll, released after the President’s remarks, support for the ACA ticked up four points since September 15, to 46 percent. So the law is helping somebody. And before it’s all said and done it’s going to help millions…

And it’s going to do so despite what I think has been indisputably the most strenuous effort at policy sabotage we’ve ever seen in the modern history of this country… The great uniting cause of the Republican Party of the Obama era, the one thing they’re spent more time and energy on than any other, is preventing uninsured Americans from obtaining insurance. The website problems make me mad, but they constitute a technical error. The Republican posture is an error, too, but a moral one.

So let’s keep our perspective here. The roll-out has been a disgrace, yes, and an immeasurably and irretrievably missed opportunity. But the policy goal is commendable. And it’s going to prevail. And five years from now—or 10, or 20—it won’t even be controversial. The opponents know this deep down, or at least fear it, and that is the true reason for their choleric obsession.

First of all, the claim that the slight uptick is due to Obamacare “working” is just made up stuff that that Tomasky hopes is true. And a few anecdotes don’t justify robbing people of their health insurance and their money.

Tomasky’s claim that Republicans are devoted to “preventing uninsured Americans from obtaining insurance” is like saying police stop violent rape because they don’t believe that men should have sex. No one is opposed to the uninsured getting insurance. They are opposed to ripping off and further impoverishing everyone in America. And, by the way, the vast majority of those uninsured still are. In Tomasky’s world, if you stop a thief, you are a moral offender who is robbing the thief’s children—even when he knows the thief is neglecting his children anyway.

Finally, Tomasky is just guessing that the health care act itself is better than the website. He has no idea if the program will work. He is hoping so and gambling by pretending it is rational to believe in its future. But if the website is garbage we have no reason to believe the program itself is going to work any better.

But, anything is allowable if it permits him to conclude that Republicans are evil. Back at you, Tomasky.