Liberal Sandy Hook Failure: No Permit Needed to Carry in Kansas

Kansas governor signs bill that acknowledges no permit needed for gun owners to carry their weapons on their person.

Since Sandy Hook, we have been subjected to an intense barrage of propaganda and pressure to create new gun restrictions in violation of the Second Amendment. There are a few places where that push has resulted in more restrictive laws, though those places would probably have instituted more restrictive laws even without the Sandy Hook massacre as a propaganda tool. Otherwise, for the most part, the Liberal push for gun control has been a failure.

Here’s one more example from the Kansas City Star: “Brownback signs bill that allows permit-free concealed carry of guns in Kansas.”

Kansans soon can carry concealed weapons without permits or training under a bill signed by Gov. Sam Brownback on Thursday.

The new law, which kicks in July 1, makes Kansas the sixth state to allow “constitutional carry.” It will allow Kansans 21 and older to carry concealed firearms regardless of whether they have obtained a permit.

Training still will be required for anyone who wants to carry a concealed gun in the 36 states that accept Kansas permits.

Brownback touted the importance of training, explaining that his youngest son took a hunter safety course this past week.


Asked why he did not think training should be required if it is valuable, Brownback said carrying a gun is a constitutional right.

“We’re saying that if you want to do that in this state, then you don’t have to get the permission slip from the government,” Brownback said. “It is a constitutional right, and we’re removing a barrier to that right.”

Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau, a Wichita Democrat, said she has concerns about safety, noting that law enforcement officials raised concerns about the lack of training.

“That’s a major responsibility to carry a gun, whether it’s concealed or not. And it’s scary,” Faust-Goudeau said. “I predict from the legislation that — and it’s going to go quick, it’s going to be July 1 — we’re going to see some accidents, possibly deaths.”

First of all, even trained people have accidents. Where is the proof that untrained people have more of them? I assume that the police and the Democrats could give us some evidence for this. So why don’t we read about it?

[See also, “Illinois Becomes Last State to Allow Concealed Carry.”]

Secondly, the remedy for gun accidents is, 1) lawsuits for damages, and 2) news and bad examples teaching the rest of us to be careful and get trained.  If someone accidentally hurts someone else due to a stupid error, then the fault is not with the government’s failure to make him get trained. The fault is with the person whether he is trained or not.

Otherwise, every single accident of any kind is the fault of the government for not requiring training to help the person avoid that accident.

That makes no sense at all.

The bottom line is that Kansas is not only recognizing the Second Amendment but it is also acknowledging individual responsibility. It is up to you to figure out what kind of training you need and to get it done. You are the one taking risks and you are the one who will be held responsible.