Liberalism In Sweden Yields Rioting From Spoiled Muslims

We in America certainly have our youth problems. Take a look at the causes and politicians college students sympathize with and you’ll know what I mean. And with the Boy Scouts of America now essentially telling kids to prepare their rear ends (in case you didn’t hear, they’re now allowing kids who are attracted to each other to be showering together and sleeping in the same tents), we’re about to get a bigger youth problem, breeding a whole new, sexually confused and traumatized generation.

But we aren’t the only ones with a youth problem. Young liberals in Stockholm, Sweden, have taken to rioting in the streets and setting private property ablaze, as is the general proclivity of peaceful liberals. The violence was prompted by the police’s shooting and killing of a 69-year-old man threatening them with a machete. As liberals in America believe it is inhumane to punish the bad guys (“Free Mumia!” “Justice for Trayvon!”), so it seems they believe in Sweden.

A majority of the rioters are immigrants to Sweden. Evidently that the protestations have evolved from indignation over the 69-year-old’s death to the high unemployment rate in immigrant-heavy communities. Because liberalism teaches the youth that the government will provide for them, they start to believe that they are owed provision from the government.

As of this writing, the rioting has been going on for five days. The primitive behavior includes nearly a hundred fires set throughout the city, including to cars and schools, and stoning reporters and police.

Wait, stoning? Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: the protestors are Muslim.

“In Sweden,” said Swedish Democrats MP Kent Ekeroth, “you’ve got welfare, access to the educational system—up to university level. You got access to public transport, libraries, health care—to everything. And still they [immigrants] feel that they need to riot, [throw] stones and Molotov cocktails.”

Ekeroth’s only got half of that right. Yes, the Muslims in Europe are aggressive and spoiled because they’ve been allowed to take over the culture there. When infidels don’t bend over, the Muslims feel insulted and, just like any mentally stable person might do when insulted, they start burning the place down.

One of liberals’ favorite labels for Muslim terrorists is “conservative Muslims.” This is the liberals’ attempt to associate conservative viewpoints with radical ones. But one culture’s conservatives are another culture’s liberals. Remember, the conservative views of today are the same views held by the liberals who founded this country. Muslim fundamentalism may or may not be “conservative” in Islamic culture, but compared to American culture, those Muslims behave an awful lot like liberals (issues of abortion and homosexuality aside). The protests we see in Sweden? They’re being engaged in for pretty much the same reason young liberals in America riot. It’s called being spoiled.

Liberalism creates a society of rotten eggs who never grow up and want the government to provide an ever-present teat from which to suckle for more and more freebies. And Muslims (okay, fine, “radical” Muslims) who live in that liberal society feel privileged and deserving of things like obedience and appeasement, because they’re accustomed to receiving obedience and appeasement. (Threatening death to those who don’t obey or appease you often does get you that.)

So while Ekeroth attributes the riots to Sweden’s lax immigration laws and a vast welfare system that Muslims want to take advantage of, I think it goes deeper than that. The same thing happened in Sweden in 2008 and 2010: Muslims removed all pretexts of civility and humanity and they rioted. If Muslims, like liberals, feel in any way slighted—if unemployment in their community is high, for instance—they show how uncivilized they really are.