Liberalism Thrives on Using Power to Plunder

The State promotes ideological groups that support its own expansive agenda by plunder, forcing others to give those groups money.


Here’s a headline in the Washington Times about a Liberal plunder scheme: “Justice Department giving away the public’s money to third-party interests.”

For the past decade, the U.S. Justice Department has engaged in the dubious practice of giving away the public’s money when it settles a case, by sometimes conditioning a settlement on a company’s agreement to donate money to a third party of the government’s (or the defendant’s) choosing.

For example, the Justice Department settled cases last year with Bank of America and Citigroup over unlawful mortgage lending practices. The settlements required the banks to pay money to outside organizations — such as legal aid societies — from a government-approved list. In another instance, the Gibson Guitar Corp. had to contribute to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to end a criminal investigation.

That practice is of questionable legality and clearly is bad public policy. Government attorneys are obligated to represent the interests of the public, not those of selected groups. Moreover, when federal agencies collect money, that money should be spent as Congress directs that it be spent, not according to the whim of the agencies.

“Progressivism” never survives without compulsion. Talk-radio and TV are filled with examples of successful “Conservative/Constitutional/Libertarian” programs—views that generally respect historic American positions, morality, and freedom. Such programs thrive because they attract a broad audience, and sponsors are willing to pony up their own money to reach those constituents.

[See also, “Most Transparent Administration in History Gives Advocacy Group State Secrets Privilege.”]

How many attempts have there been to start “Progressive/Liberal” networks and programs? Remember Al Gore’s abortive “Current TV”? Have you seen MSNBC’s continually declining numbers?

Just about every Liberal program and entity cannot survive without someone compelling others to give to it against their free will. This article outlines yet another way that “Progressives” advance their cause through less than savory means—our own government coercing “donations” to pet organizations.

There’s a reason Liberals love tyranny—it’s the only way their views survive.