Liberals Admit Homosexuals Aren’t “Born that Way”

The Guardian runs an article defending perversity but admitting that no one is necessarily “born that way.”

Mark Horne posted awhile back that intelligent homosexuals know that no one is “born that way”—that is, born to be homosexual. While a person’s innate desires do not determine ethics the fact is that they are not innate. A person with a desire to kill people does not have the right to kill people even if such a desire could be inborn.

Nevertheless, modern “gay rights” has used the claim that gays are a genetically determined minority as the basis of their legal revolution in the United States. The “equal protection” they have used in their arguments presupposes this claim about reality.

And the claim is fiction. Even notoriously liberal publications admit this openly.

Thus, the Guardian’s recent story: “Born this way? Society, sexuality and the search for the ‘gay gene’

With each study, confidence in the gay community about a genetic link to our sexuality has become stronger. It has become generally assumed that a gay gene must exist. But take look at the actual science, and the history of sexuality, and you will find serious problems with the theory.

First, all of the recent studies searching for a gay gene have significant issues. For example, as Samantha Allen notes, biologist Anne Fausto-Sterling “tore LeVay’s original study to shreds, noting that there is substantial overlap between the cell cluster size ranges of gay men and straight men in his sample.” There has been significant criticism in scientific fields over Sanders’ study as well, with many scientists arguing the results were not “statistically significant” (while that may sound like a mild criticism that’s a big deal in the science community). While news headlines promote each study as a “confirmation of the gay gene”, the reality is very different.

In addition to the lack of any scientific evidence, part of the problem is that the transgender phenomenon is destroying the plausibility of the idea of a genetic predisposition to homosexuality. Bruce Jenner requires hormone ejections, silicone implants, and surgical mutilation to overcome his genetics in order to masquerade as a woman—in addition to flattering photography. So now the Liberal pro-LGBT tagline has moved from “I was just born that way” to “sexuality is a social construction.”

But even though homosexuals are not a genetic minority, same-sex “marriage” not only exists, but is at least equal to marriage—i.e. to relationships between the opposite sex.

That doesn’t mean that gays and lesbians are less deserving of political rights. Queer relationships should be embraced, not because homosexuality is genetic, but simply because there is nothing wrong with them. 

Notice how cavalierly the writer moves from the idea of people having “rights” to the idea that their relationships “should be embraced.” That means the elimination of all traditional religions and morality and punishments for people who refuse to “embrace” same sex relationships. The entire dystopian gamut of totalitarian mind control is being “embraced” without explanation or argument.

How does the writer know “there is nothing wrong” with queer relationships? He offers no argument or evidence. He just says it. But people can just say anything. In fact, since the writer spends a lot of time pointing to a tribal culture that mandated the ritual sexual abuse of minors as an example of how sexuality is a social construct, I wonder if there is anything he would condemn, other than the judgment of those who don’t agree with him.

The writer condemns “homophobic ideology,” but why is his “homophilic ideology” any more valid? The claim that people were born that way was always a contrived fiction. But so is the ethical claim that all sexual activity is legitimate. The proponents never argue; they merely assert.