Liberals Admit: Obama’s Obamacare Rhetoric Is Making Republicans “Look Wise”

John Dickerson at Slate writes, “The president always had a tough time selling Obamacare. Now his weak assurances are making Republicans look wise beyond their years.”

The article is pretty critical but it still includes a hefty load of nonsense. For example:

In the summer of 2009, the president began to tailor his message to assuage these very people. If you liked what you had, it wasn’t going to change. That was a broad and simplified claim and the press called him on it. The president could never make that promise. He didn’t have the power to keep insurance companies from changing their policies in response to the law. Nevertheless, the president continued to make the claim in the desperate attempt to sell his unpopular plan.

The link is to a piece at That is a ridiculous basis for claiming “the press called him on it.” Obama got to tell his lie repeatedly on TV and in the newspapers all over the country to a completely compliant media. doesn’t have enough of a readership to counterbalance their complicity. What we should have seen from the media was a nationwide story about how Obama was continuing to mislead the American people. We saw just the opposite.

Dickerson writes, “This was a time bomb embedded in the legislation.” Nice rhetoric. Little late though. This kind of speech should have been embedded in reporting back in 2009 and 2010. Essentially, is being used as an insurance policy for a biased media so they can later claim they warned the public. They went on with their propaganda efforts for Obama but then point to a few obscure places where the truth was hinted at in order to pretend that they were never in bed with the Administration.

If you know the house is on fire, you don’t just whisper about it.

Obama may be helping the Republicans look wise but he’s also revealing the foolishness of the mainstream media.

Of course, all Dickerson’s praise for Republican resistance to Obamacare is damningly faint. In the end, he accuses them of not being able to foretell the future:

A key critique of the Republican Party’s recent attempt to defund Obamacare was that it was a strategy born of limited vision. They couldn’t see that it was doomed to fail spectacularly. Four years ago, with the Affordable Care Act, they saw this moment coming.

I had a similar reaction when the Republicans settled for merely delaying the individual mandate. No one could predict with certainty just how and when the Affordable Care Act was going to implode, and we still don’t know how much damage it is going to do or how it will be unleashed in the future. The Republicans (at least the Tea Party ones) did the best they could to help the American people.

Unlike the mainstream media.