Liberals Adore Abortion

In light of Missouri Rep. Todd Akin’s comments about “legitimate rape,” I want to look at those two topics, rape and abortion, rather than, as I did Tuesday, looking at Akin’s comments.

One of the holiest of sacraments to liberals is abortion. They do not simply support the freedom of choice, but specifically the choice that results in a baby being turned into merely the remains of a baby. We know they prefer abortion to birth for the following reason:

The pro-“choice” crowd never tries to encourage women to “choose” life. Instead they attack people who do try to encourage women to choose life. They also never attend pro-life rallies except to protest. And you never see signs at pro-life rallies that say, “I support being able to choose abortion, but I prefer the choice of life.” That’s because there is nobody on the pro-“choice” side who generally prefers life for the unborn. For their own unborn, perhaps. But not for others’.

Many people suggest we keep abortion legal for cases of rape — in other words, keep between less than 1 percent and up to 5 percent of abortions legal. But if we outlaw all abortions, except for rape, then that means abortions committed because the mother doesn’t want to be responsible for her actions would be outlawed as well. Keeping abortion legal only for cases of rape would be the de facto position for liberals if they didn’t actually want abortions to be performed.

But the pro-“choice” side does have a heavy preference for only one choice: abortion on demand for any reason. If we make abortion only legal in the case of rape, then 95 to 99 percent of abortions that happen each day will be illegal. Liberals cannot stomach the possibility of such a low abortion rate. They want abortion legal for cases of responsibility avoidance or for any reason whatsoever. It’s a personal choice, and as a personal choice, it’s nobody’s business as to why a woman wants to kill her pre-born child.

Liberals also incorrectly frame the issue to advance this sacramental cause of theirs: They tell the public that there can only be two ways: either all abortions have to be legal and for any reason at all, or no abortions can be legal. Is this because compromise is not part of their repertoire?

You would think that the solution of outlawing all abortions except in cases of rape and endangerment of the mother’s life would appease both political parties. I know it is a solution that most Republicans and conservatives would accept because it would prevent liberals from screaming, “WHAT ABOUT IF SOMEONE GETS RAPED! YOU LIKE RAPISTS MORE THAN WOMEN!” But it is a solution that would drastically reduce abortion rates. The only reason for a liberal to oppose it is if that liberal specifically sees abortion as a lifestyle choice no matter what the reason.

And that is unfortunately the case. Liberals at heart fundamentally believe that preventing unborn babies from continuing their lives is the better choice. No other conclusion can be made. They simply adore abortion.