Liberals: Blacks Can’t Like Fried Chicken Because It Makes People Believe Blacks Like Fried Chicken

Black people love fried chicken. That’s a general fact. It’s not true of all black people, but “general” doesn’t mean universal and absolute. So when this morning I read a story of manufactured outrage over a comment from a Hispanic golfer about half-black Tiger Woods liking fried chicken, I got pretty outraged myself.

Sergio Garcia is that Hispanic. He and Woods apparently don’t like each other, but they will be playing together (against each other? I don’t know how it works) in something called the US Open (I know nothing about sports). Garcia and Woods’ mutual antagonism is well-known to those who follow golf, so Garcia was asked cheekily how often he will invite Woods over for dinner during the US Open. Garcia replied, “I will have him around every night. We will serve fried chicken.”

Garcia was obviously playing along and acting as if he and Woods are the best of friends. He will be so nice to Woods that he will invite him to dinner every night; he will be so nice to Woods that he will serve fried chicken, a favorite among black Americans. Garcia was engaging in friendly multiculturalism. He was pretending to be sensitive to another’s culture. This is what liberalism teaches us to do, right? To be sensitive?

“Black people love fried chicken” is considered by liberals to be a racist stereotype. But stereotypes are generally—again, generally, not absolutely—true. They are reflections of what is, more often than not, a reality. As I said in the beginning, black people, generally, love fried chicken. Black comedians talk about it all the time. Do a search on YouTube for “fried chicken black” and see average, everyday black people raving about that crispy bird. Go into a Popeye’s restaurant; every employee there is black, as are half of the customers.

Liberals are so obsessed with sensitivity to other races that they’ve shot out the other end and now seek to deny black people the things they love because blacks are being racist against themselves for doing so; things like fried chicken, watermelon, collard greens—each, by the way, staples of the southern diet, where many black people have resided for over two centuries. “Racist” foods such as the three I just mentioned are a part of the black culture, and liberals seek to deprive them of it in the name of anti-racism and cultural sensitivity!

I came across a horribly punctuated article written by a white guy at the far-left asking seriously the question, “Are Black People Racist for Enjoying Fried Chicken?” It was written back when that Popeye’s in Rochester, NY, ran out of chicken mostly because black people couldn’t pass up the $4.99 eight-piece special Popeye’s was running that day (yes, so false is the blacks-love-fried-chicken stereotype that they temporarily stalled operations at a Popeye’s). Black people went nuts, as can be seen in this report from WHAM, Rochester’s ABC affiliate.

WHAM has since removed the report from their website altogether, it seems, but a statement issued by them does appear in the Wonkette article:

“Criticism is often leveled at 13WHAM that we do not feature Black [sic] people or other people of color in our stories unless they are criminals. As a person of color myself, I am sensitive to this. So, you can imagine my thoughts when I saw our report last night about two local Popeye’s running out of chicken and the mayhem that ensued. My gut reaction was that the story—although a legitimate consumer complaint—seemed to reinforce a cultural stereotype about Black people and chicken.”

This is what liberalism’s worship of sensitivity has created: news reporters apologizing for reporting the facts that offend nobody but sensitivity-worshiping liberals. If a true story reinforces cultural stereotypes, then obviously the stereotypes are true!

So now Sergio Garcia is under fire, and all because he pretended to be considerate of what can be reasonably assumed was a favorite food of a black man. Would liberals be happier if Garcia was not merely pretending to be nice, that the invitation and meal plans were sincere? Probably not, because then Woods might accept the invitation, resulting in liberals accusing him of being a racist for his “negative,” stereotypical taste buds.