Liberals Complain that “Obamacare” Takes Away their Choices

“Obamacare” set up a Health Benefit Exchange Authority (HBX) Executive Board. The Chair of that board was sent a letter. It begins this way:

As a group of small businesses and organizations representing small businesses based in the District of Columbia, we write to express our collective concerns about proposals under consideration that we believe will compound the uncertainties we face under federal health care reform.

Those of us who may have had doubts about the health reform law were comforted by President Obama’s repeated assurances that, “If you like your health plan…you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period.” But, by dismantling and recasting the separate health insurance marketplaces that serve small employer groups and individuals in the District, D.C. policymakers would take away the option of keeping the health plan that they now have. Rather, to continue to offer health benefits to employees after 2013, small employers like us would have no choice but to go to an undefined, untested, more expensive entity to obtain coverage. Especially in these uncertain economic times, many employers, and their workers, must be given the time to adjust their budgets for the estimated price increases of the Exchange. In addition, many of us have long-established relationships with health insurers we know and are guided by broker advisors who understand our unique needs. We do not want to be forced to buy the standardized, cookie-cutter coverage that would be offered through a government-run Exchange.

While groups and individuals with so-called “grandfathered” health plans will be able to keep them, those of us with non-grandfathered insurance plans would be required to renew only through the Exchange. Indeed, forcing all consumers seeking Individual or Small Group health coverage to go to the Exchange to purchase health plans runs counter to the ACA’s essential promise of more – not less – choice.

So who do you think wrote this letter? The Eagle Forum? The American Spectator Magazine? The Cato Institute?

No. The letter was sent by a huge number of organizations including The Brady Campaign and Brady Center To Prevent Gun Violence, Aids United, and The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. These are not right-wing groups. But they are all upset to lose the services they have chosen and want to keep choosing.

“Obamacare” may bring liberals and conservatives together! Who knew?

Yet even now the mainstream media will still not ask Obama tough questions about the alleged “health care reform” that he signed. “Obamacare” is truly hurting everyone. It is driving up costs while limiting the number of choices. Liberals are just as liable to feel the pain as conservatives. The only question is: Will they feel it soon enough to decide to vote against the man who boasts that he signed it?

Will they hurt enough to get angry enough soon enough to make a difference on Election Day?