Liberals Exploit Fear to Go After Guns Again

Never trust a liberal who wants to have a “conversation.”

At least when they’re screaming at conservatives to shut up, they’re being honest.

But when they say they want to talk to you, watch out, there’s an agenda. And after Friday’s school shootings in Connecticut, liberals are feeling very chatty on the topic of guns.

It’s the same script we’ve lived through before. Some madman kills a bunch of people, then before the country can even process the details of what happened, the Left is all over the media and the social networks blaming guns and conservatives, and calling for more gun control laws.

For the ruling Left, it’s not a tragedy, it’s an opportunity to once again exploit Americans’ fears about guns and about their children’s lives so that they can push their dogmatic anti-gun agenda.

In the case of the Connecticut murders, police weren’t even certain of the shooter’s ID — Adam Lanza — before people on the Left were racing to be the first to condemn our “gun culture” and call for tougher laws.

This time, the call is for national restrictions, probably because Connecticut already has a reputation for having some of the strictest gun control laws in the country.

Despite that, the guns were apparently obtained legally by Adam Lanza’s mother, whom the media has portrayed as a “gun enthusiast.”

There has also been talk from politicians about automatic weapons and supposed loopholes in gun laws, even though there don’t appear to have been any automatic weapons used or loopholes exploited by the gunman.

The shooter was also wearing some sort of paramilitary uniform. Perhaps we should ban online clothing purchases as well.

Coincidentally, on the same day in China there was a report of a man who snapped and attacked a bunch of schoolkids with a knife, wounding nearly as many as the Connecticut shooter killed. Liberals are pointing to this and actually suggesting that it proves you’re less likely to kill people if you don’t have a gun, when the truth more likely is that the Chinese attacker simply wasn’t trying to kill people.

The news from Newtown is that Lanza forced his way into the school. No safety precautions will prevent someone from hopping a fence or breaking a window or forcing a door if that’s what they’re intent on doing. And none of the restrictions liberals want on guns would have changed what happened.

Question for liberals: If guns are really the problem, then why do we give the police guns when we expect them to stop trouble?

The bottom line is this: The Connecticut shooter was an emotionally disturbed young man who snapped, took his mother’s guns and killed as many people as he could. A knife, a baseball bat, a chainsaw or even his bare hands could have had the same results.

The “conversation” we should be having is whether there are ways to identify such troubled individuals early and intervene with appropriate mental health services so that the Adam Lanzas of the world never get to the point of picking up a gun or any other weapon.

But that’s a conversation the Left won’t sit still for.