Liberals Just Now Waking Up to Obama Hangover

It’s not nice to laugh at stupid people, but sometimes the Left just makes it so difficult to refrain.

This has been a rough start to 2013 for liberals, who have been rudely awakened to reality by a host of recent surprises from their leaders — surprises, that is, to liberals who just don’t seem to get how foreshadowing works.

It’s the second week of the year, two months after the election, and it’s just now dawning on a lot of liberals that under Obama, their taxes are going up, health care premiums are rising, and even the poor and middle class are getting screwed by the Man Who Would Be King. They didn’t want to believe it, but then the first paychecks of the year arrived.

And now they’re upset.

If you want a chuckle, read through some of the liberal twits’ tweets at the hash tag. The broken hearts of Obama voters will have you torn between out-loud laughter or snide sympathy, like for a puppy that’s just bitten its own tail or a cat with its head stuck in a box.

Amazingly, the Left really thought that when Obama said he would tax the rich that he would leave average people alone. Now that the Social Security tax has gone up, a whole bunch of lefties are realizing that stupidity has consequences.

Twitter user “Bane” captured the conservative reaction when he tweeted, “#WhyIsMyPaycheckLessThisWeek Because your punishment must be more severe.”

The other shocker that the Left just couldn’t see coming — despite the flashing warning lights and the rumble of the approaching train — is double-digit increases in healthcare premiums under the new system being put in place through Obamacare, the “Affordable” Health Care Act.

Many of the major health insurers are requesting, and getting, from the government approval for whopping premium increases for individuals, the self-employed and small businesses. Even people who work for large corporations are likely to see their insurance premiums go up significantly.

Another gutbusting story about liberal “shock,” although it doesn’t directly affect many people, is the reaction of Current TV staff who recently learned that fearless enviro-superhero Al Gore sold them out to al-Jazeera, which is funded by big oil money. Now, the staff is alarmed to learn that Gore lied to them.

Imagine how shocked they’ll be to find that they’ll probably have to do some real journalism under al-Jazeera. (Considering the network based in Qatar has served as an anti-Israeli propaganda arm for various Mideast governments, in recent years it’s done a better job of covering U.S. news than most of the American mainstream media.)

I feel liberals’ pain. (I truly do, because I have to pay for their idiocy as well.) Yet I feel compelled to quote Octavian’s comment to Mark Antony after the Battle of Actium: “HA ha!”