Liberals Love to Talk About Rape as a Funny Thing

Todd Akin is in political trouble because he used the phrase “legitimate rape” when trying to make the case that the trauma of rape rarely results in pregnancy. It was certainly a poor choice of words, but nothing like the way liberals throw around the word rape.

Cher Tweeted this about Akin:

“[L]et Aiken get raped by man with HIV/AIDS. Nothing will happen, right? Body shuts down as defense mechanism. Idiots.”

This is such a loaded statement that I’ll get in a lot of trouble if I start commenting on it. But it’s OK for a Leftist lunatic like Cher to turn rape into an anti-conservative weapon.

Then there’s the nasty pro-Obama Sarah Silverman:

“Besides being paid good money to exploit her full frontal nudity in an indie film, Silverman regularly mocks the seriousness of abortion and if need be, to up the ante, will even weave rape jokes into her outrageous comedy routine.

* * * * *

“In the movie The Aristocrats, ‘a documentary that challenged 100 comedians to offend its audience as ingeniously as possible,’ Silverman did just that when she said that 79-year-old iconic radio and TV personality Joe Franklin raped her. In response to being welcomed to the stage at the Hollywood Improv while Mötley Crüe’s ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ played in the background she reminisced, saying, ‘This song brings me back … I was brutally raped to this song.’ Playing off the stereotypical Jewish-girl fantasy of marrying a doctor, Silverman shared that her doctor raped her and called it ‘bittersweet.’”

Whoopi Goldberg dismissed Roman Polanski’s rape conviction by declaring that it “wasn’t rape-rape.”

Liberals shouldn’t have a thing to say about rape since as firm believers in evolution, that’s how we all got here! Here’s the premise: Whatever animals do in nature is natural. What’s natural is normal. What’s normal is moral. So if penguins engage in homosexual behavior, then that behavior must be natural, normal, and moral. How can we mere mortals impose our rules of sexual behavior on what’s natural in the animal kingdom? Homosexuals extrapolate that what animals do naturally in nature applies to what higher “animals” can do naturally without any moral judgments attached.

Consider the case of Timothy Treadwell depicted in the movie Grizzly Man (2005). He lived among bears for 13 years and thought of them as his friends. In 2003, Treadwell and his companion, Amie Huguenard, were mauled and mostly eaten by one of the Alaskan grizzly bears. While he thought of the bears as his brothers and sisters, the bears thought of him as lunch.

Then there’s the August 25, 2012 bear attack in Alaska:

“A hiker in Alaska’s Denali National Park photographed a grizzly bear for at least eight minutes before the bear mauled and killed him in the first fatal attack in the park’s history, officials said Saturday.”

The bear was only doing what came naturally.

Let’s not forget the case of Armin Meiwes who killed and ate 43-year-old Bernd-Jurgen Brandes. What did Mr. Meiwes do that was wrong given the premise that animal behavior is a normative model for human behavior? ((Theodore Dalrymple, “The Case for Cannibalism” (January 5, 2005).)) If the bears that ate Treadwell were only doing what came naturally, then how can the cannibal nature of Meiwes be judged as abnormal given evolutionary assumptions? Whoopi missed a great opportunity to extol the virtues of the evolutionary religion of the intelligentsia by pointing out these examples of evolution in action.

If animal behavior is a template for human behavior, then why can’t a similar case be made for rape among human animals? As hard as it might be to imagine, the connection has been made

Randy Thornhill, a biologist who teaches at the University of New Mexico, and Craig T. Palmer, an anthropologist who teaches at the University of Missouri-Columbia, attempt to demonstrate in their book A Natural History of Rape ((Randy Thornhill, and Craig T. Palmer, A Natural History of Rape: Biological Bases of Sexual Coercion (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2000).)) that evolutionary principles explain rape as a “genetically developed strategy sustained over generations of human life because it is a kind of sexual selection — a successful reproductive strategy.”

If we are truly the products of evolution, then there can be no moral judgments about anything, including rape. There is neither legitimate nor illegitimate rape.