Liberals Lynch Ben Carson in Media

A century and a half after slavery and the Democrats are still trying to keep black people down on the plantation.

If Clarence Thomas’ experience in getting Senate approval to be a Supreme Court justice didn’t make it clear, Dr. Ben Carson’s experience in running for president does: If you’re black and you don’t toe the Democrat Party line, then you’re going to be lynched in public.

So far, the Left hasn’t been able to pin any real scandals on Carson, so some of them are just setting their crazy ship on full thrusters and busting out the four letter words.

“F*** you, Ben Carson,” tweeted Seth Rogen, star of something, I forget what. His tweet didn’t even bother to explain why he was so angry.

GQ magazine, that refuge of literary achievement, took a similar tack with the headline “F*** Ben Carson” on a rant about why we should all be good sheeple and give up our guns to government.

Hmm. Sounds like Rogen may have violated a copyright. …

Liberals in general, from CNN to the New York Times, are aghast that Carson pointed out that gun control by the Germans preceded the Holocaust, which it did. Liberals are frequently aghast when someone brings up real history, because it often involves them doing something horrible like, oh, founding the KKK or fighting to keep segregation and then lying to cover it all up.

Another issue that literally caused liberals to gasp was when Carson characterized abortion as “killing babies” on “The View,” where presumably all the biddies have bought the fable that abortion is just about women’s freedom and doesn’t involve another human life.

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He’s taken some heat from the Right on the issue of abortion, as well, because he’s said that as a doctor he has no problem with using fetal tissue from a tissue bank for research. He’s also made some statements about the beginning point of life and such that raised some pro-life hackles. Being a surgeon, his actual position is probably very nuanced and doesn’t exactly follow anyone’s preconceptions.

Even so, the Right hasn’t hounded him the way the Left has, as his poll numbers suggest. At present, he’s right behind The Donald in the nomination race.

It’s obvious why. Carson is bright, charismatic, gentlemanly and unlike the current office holder actually achieved something notable in life. Plus, whenever the lefties get out of hand and start saying things like Carson isn’t qualified to be president, it’s just irresistible to use the phrase “Obama’s no brain surgeon” and mean it literally.