Liberals Shift Blame for Embassy Attacks While Obama Fundraises

On September 5, an Egyptian Christian activist living in the United States, Morris Sadek, released a 14-minute clip of his film Muhammad, which criticizes Islam and that religion’s founder, Mohammed. The film was endorsed by Pastor Terry Jones, the man who in 2010 called for the public burning of Korans. He even helped with distribution.

Two days ago, on the eleventh anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks, Muslims from Egypt and Libya stormed the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya, so offended were they that anyone would have the nerve to express his distaste for their peaceful religion. They kill the US ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, and reportedly dragged his body through the streets. Also killed were three of Stevens’ staffers.

Later, Obama issued a statement on the matter to the press, taking no questions afterward. Mitt Romney then held a press conference where he criticized the Obama administration for its Cairo embassy’s apology to Muslims for some of America’s anti-Islamic sentiments, and this time took questions from reporters afterward. This same day, President Obama scheduled an appearance on David Letterman’s late-night talk show for September 18 (tune in, folks).

Putting on full display their tendency to apply the blame to anybody but the culprits, liberals all over Twitter and the “blogosphere” took to blaming the attacks on Pastor Terry Jones. Because, hey, what can you expect? I mean, the guy distributed a movie that hurt Muslims’ feelings, so of course the rational response to that is to kill some Americans. Jones, you see — not the Libyans and Egyptians — should be blamed for the Libyans’ and Egyptians’ killing of Americans.

The truth is that Muslims — okay, “radical” Muslims — don’t need provocation. They kill at the drop of a hat. Saturdays in the Middle East aren’t called Saturdays, but Slaughterdays.

But liberals, so averse are they to the virtue of accountability, choose, if not exactly to pardon the violence, to make an excuse for the violence. Even Hillary Clinton spoke out of both sides of her mouth on this, saying that the violence is inexcusable, but that, you know, certain Americans on the Internet do incite violence.

Enjoy your Vegas and Colorado fundraisers at taxpayers’ expense, Obama. If through your handling of this Libyan situation the Independent Americans realize what a hapless leader you are, you won’t be having too many more of them.