Liberals Succeed in Destroying Marriage

Around 1900, the liberal progressives determined three key things that were necessary to change America into their type of country.  They had to undermine Christianity, marriage and the traditional family unit.  All three were originally based upon biblical principles of which were the conservative foundations of our nation.

They also determined that it would take at least 100 years to accomplish because the erosion of these foundational pillars had to be done slowly and gradually.  If they tried an all-out assault on any or all of them, the American people would instantly rise up against the efforts and repel the progressive attacks.

Believe it or not, one of the key places they started making their changes was in the public school system.  They knew that having America’s kids for 6-8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 9 months a year for 12 years would be sufficient time to mold them into a new generation of liberal progressives.  When you examine what is being taught in today’s public schools and who the largest age group of liberals is, you will see just how successful they have been.

Christianity is no longer the national religion or the foundation for morals and values.  The progressives are winning this battle handily and Christianity if falling faster and faster.

The traditional family unit has also been successfully undermined.  Single parent homes are becoming the norm in many communities.  Homosexuals are now finding ways of having kids and raising them in their perverted and sinful lifestyles.  Can you name me the last time you saw a traditional family portrayed on television who were not whacked out and dysfunctional?  Fathers are portrayed as illiterate idiots and if there is an adult authority figure, it is usually the mom who belittles her husband instead of supporting him.

The last foundation the progressives need to undermine is marriage and that is failing as well.  Same-sex marriage is replacing traditional marriages in many homes.  With the fall of Christianity and biblical morals 2 of every 3 first time marriages began with the cohabitation of the couple prior to the marriage.  A growing number of couples simply live together without getting married, making it easier to walk away when things get rough.

Now add the financial aspects of getting married to a recession, record unemployment and underemployment, many couples can’t afford to get married.  The end result of everything working together against marriage has resulted in the lowest marriage rate in over 100 years.  Just during the recent recession, Marriage rates suffered a 5% decline.

Some analysts, such as Demographic Intelligence of Charlottesville, VA, claim that the time is right now to see an increase in the marriage rate by as much as 4% over the next two years.  However, what kind of marriages are they talking about?  Does that include same-sex marriages which are on a rise?  Does it reflect a decrease in the sinful practice of living together before marriage?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a slight increase in the marriage rate, but face it, the biblical institution of marriage is almost a thing of the past.  If two-thirds of first time marriages start with unwed fornication that means that few marriages begin as a union between two virgins, a man and woman as the Bible defines it.

Christianity is falling.  The traditional family unit is falling.  Biblical marriage is falling.  Liberal progressiveness is rising.  The end result is that the America we knew and loved is also falling.