Liberals Work Hard to Make Conservative Gun-Control Clichés Come True

Time out of mind conservatives have insisted that nullifying the Second Amendment and disarming the populace can only lead to a police state. If people can’t defend themselves the government will “protect” them by becoming an armed, occupying force.

Liberals scoff at the idea… and then they call for it to become a reality.

In The Daily Beast, Roland Martin makes his desire clear: “Send the National Guard to Chicago.”

A major American city is quickly being lost to guns, gangs, drugs and hopelessness, and political and business leaders are giving lip service to the problem. Yet while our politicians dither, the city’s Southside and Westside residents are living in perpetual fear, afraid to walk the streets.

It’s time for Mayor Rahm Emanuel to put his ego and political ambitions aside. It’s time for him to ask the state police and the National Guard to come into Chicago and assist the police department in regaining control of the city’s streets.

People in cities like Chicago do nothing but mock the rest of us who live in “flyover country.” So they can finance the solutions to their own self-generated problems and leave the rest of us alone.

You make your city into a cesspool of liberal, corruptocrat rule, then you can live there.

Back during his 2012 campaign, Barack Obama said it was time to do some “nation building” here at home (because it has worked so well in Iraq). Of course, how did we “nation build” Iraq? We instituted “the surge.” So now we find people saying we need the same methods here:

Some critics have said that putting troops on the ground is the wrong signal to send. I disagree. There is no reason the National Guard can’t drop a dragnet over the hot spots in Chicago. They can erect barricades and check points, inspect cars, confiscate guns, run warrant checks and shut down the cartels in the city.

In effect, Chicago needs a troop surge like what we saw in Iraq and Afghanistan. If we wanted to make the lives of residents there safer, why not do the same for Americans?

Right. And the Afghans and Iraqis were so thankful for that wonderful surge.

I guess it makes sense. If you train people to be impotent victims before predators then naturally you are training them to beg to be put under martial law.

Roland Martin tries the Tom Sawyer trick of making us want to be ruled by a police state. He entices readers by appealing to class-envy.

There is no doubt in my mind that if 16 people were killed in one weekend on the prosperous North Side of Chicago, this country would be up in arms. It would be the No. 1 story in every newspaper and on every news channel nationwide. 


“And the police know how to do that. If [this violence] was happening on Michigan Avenue, they would have done that already,” Honore said.

This is nonsense. The reason sixteen people haven’t died in a prosperous area is because those prosperous areas can afford private security and other means to make sure that they are not easy targets. The reason the poor don’t have these means available to them to police themselves is precisely because they are disarmed. They have no way to protect themselves unless they become criminals.

I have to wonder if this is God’s judgment. We are being given over to stupidity and self-destruction so that we impose on ourselves what we have imposed on other nations.