Libertarian Woman Explains Why She Is Not a Feminist

Says she is not a feminist because she believes in equality and that is not a Feminist position.

Quit interesting:

For those wondering if they want to watch the video, over at The Rebel Media there is some teaser copy:

Did you know that every year, more American men are raped than women?

Did you know that 80% of suicides are male?

Men account for almost half the number of victims of domestic violence, yet there are no safe houses or other programs set up to help them.

If feminism really is a movement dedicated to equality, shouldn’t feminists be speaking out against these and other example of obvious inequality?

That they don’t proves that feminism isn’t about equality at all.

But if you don’t swallow the feminist narrative, you will be ridiculed.

I have experienced this treatment first hand for speaking my mind on these issues, so I made this video to explain to feminists why I am still not a feminist.

The speaker, Lauren Southern, is apparently Canadian, though you would never guess that from this video—which focuses on American issues.

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It seems she is a candidate for office with the Libertarian Party of Canada. Here is her bio:

Lauren Southern was born and raised in Surrey, British Columbia, and is currently living Langley, B.C. Lauren became an advocate of Libertarian values when she began discovering the works of Libertarian philosophers at a young age. She adopted the belief that the government does not know how to spend an individual’s money better than they do. Nor should the government have the right to instruct people on how to live their lives when their way of life is causing no harm to those around them. She is currently studying Political Sciences at the University of the Fraser Valley and where she provides a strong voice for liberty on the campus. She previously hosted the radio show Liberty Now from the University broadcast station where she discussed current affairs from a libertarian viewpoint. Since then, she has moved on to more studies and volunteering, and is now looking for more opportunities to promote Libertarian ideals in any way she can.

Lauren plans on running a strong campaign in order to spread the libertarian message, as well as move power away from the government and back to the people. She feels strongly about issues such as corporate welfare, criminalization of victimless crimes and taxation. In promoting liberty, Lauren hopes to create a better, freer Canada for current and future Canadians. “Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”