Lies Do Not Prevent Gun Violence provided this report about a recent speaking engagement where the President addressed law enforcemtent professionals.

On October 27 President Obama addressed law enforcement personnel gathered in Chicago and said that “It is easier for a lot of young people in this city and [communities around the country] to buy a gun than it is to buy a book.”

He was speaking to the 122nd annual International Association of Chiefs of Police.

After addressing the inherent dangers of a job in law enforcement and the racial strife that has left tension between minority communities and police departments around the country, Obama suggested that more gun control via “common sense gun safety reforms” could be the starting point for making officers’ jobs easier.

Obama is living in a deranged science-fiction fantasy. It is easier to buy a gun than a book? What kind of book requires a background check to purchase it? What kind of book requires someone to be 21 to buy it? Obama‘s claims are laughable on their face. Additionally it is ludicrous to believe that criminals will not be able to get guns through the black market. Is heroin or meth sold in stores? No. Yet criminals have no problem getting ahold of it.

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Obama then dismissed criticism of the failure of Chicago’s gun control laws by blaming Chicago’s skyrocketing gun crime on less gun control in other states. He said the solution is to put expanded background checks into place so that all states abide by the same federal standards. He criticized the availability of “military-style assault weapons,” which he said no one needs to own in order “to hunt a deer.”

He said it is “a travesty” that he can’t tell the families of shooting victims that America is doing all it can to prevent gun violence.

The only people Barack Obama wants unarmed are law-abiding citizens. Truly, gun control does not prevent crime and stop shootings, and Obama and other liberals continue trying to force the wrong solution for the problem. The real travesty is that Obama keeps telling families of shooting victims and everyone else that tighter gun control laws will prevent gun violence.