Life Begins at Fertilization Says Kansas Legislature

Right to life advocates are claiming another victory, this time in the state of Kansas. This past week Kansas House of Representatives voted 90-30 in favor of a bill to prohibit any public funding for abortions. The same measure passed the state Senate with a 28-10 vote earlier this year. The bill now goes to the desk of Governor Sam Brownback, a Republican who opposes abortion.

Along with the banning of the use of public funding for abortions, the Kansas lawmakers also banned abortions on the basis of gender and perhaps more importantly they officially declared that life begins at the moment of fertilization.

Local Planned Parenthood leaders are already up in arms over the new legislation. Peter Brownlee, CEO of Overland Park, the Planned Parenthood of Kansas in Mid-Missouri lashed out at the bill saying:

“There’s almost a race underway — a race to the bottom — in terms of restricting the woman’s ability to make her own decisions and to try to impose a set of beliefs on all the citizens in the states.”

“An abortion is deeply personal and often complex. It needs to be left to a woman and her family and her faith, with the Council of her physician.”

I totally disagree with Brownlee’s views about the woman’s ability for the right to make her decision to have an abortion. Her right to choose was before she became pregnant not after. A woman who knowingly has a sexual relationship must choose before her fling whether or not she is going to take measures to prevent getting pregnant or not. That is her right to choose.

Once the act is done the woman now must live with the consequences of her decision. If the consequence is being pregnant then she has the responsibility to follow through with that pregnancy and give birth to the life within her. If she does not want the child there are thousands of couples throughout the country wanting to adopt a child and they would be more than happy to raise and love the child the woman does not want.

There should be no argument on abortion. Kansas lawmakers are right when they officially ruled that life begins at the moment of fertilization. From that point on the only real choice woman has is whether to keep and love their child or give it to someone else who will. No one has the right to murder a human being at any age, whether in the womb or in a nursing home. Life is sacred and should be valued as such.