Why Are Local Crimes Now Under Federal Jurisdiction?

Here’s an all-too common story of one of many local crimes: the sinful heart of man leads to murder (apparently fueled by the sexual tensions unleashed when a wayward society sees “consent” as the approval for sex, not “covenant”).


As reported at SFgate.com, “South S.F. gym member kills another with bar, police say.”

A member of a South San Francisco gym has been arrested on suspicion of killing another gym member with a steel bar used for lifting weights, police said Thursday.

Kenneth Osako, 46, of South San Francisco was being held without bail at San Mateo County Jail in connection with the slaying at Bally Total Fitness at 180 El Camino Real, according to police and an employee.

The victim, whose name wasn’t immediately released, died Thursday at San Francisco General Hospital.

The attack happened about 9:30 p.m. Wednesday when Osako got into a confrontation with the victim and “used a solid steel bar, normally used to lift weights, to strike the victim on his head several times,” police said.

None of that was what caught my eye. That would not be news.

It’s this line, casually dropped into the story by the reporter: The alleged murderer “was arrested Thursday by South San Francisco police and a special agent with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.”

Did you catch it? Something here fails the Sesame Street Test: “One of these things is not like the others; One of these things just doesn’t belong.”

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We’re dealing with a matter for local law enforcement. Murder is an issue for police, or a sheriff. What in the heck is Homeland Security doing in this case? Mission-creep… it’s what leads to Prison Camps.

Read your history, my friend. The worst atrocities in human annals begin as a government grows way beyond its purposes; when Justice becomes a tool of politics, instead of remaining rightly “blind” to those involved in a case.