Local Taxpayers Threatened With Lawsuits If they Don’t Sink Money Into “Preparing for Climate Change”

My first reaction to the thought of insurance companies suing over Climate Change was that this was another horrendous outcome of bad pseudo-science.

From NBC News:

To insurance companies, there’s no doubt that climate change is here: They are beginning to file lawsuits against small towns and cities who they say haven’t prepared for the floods and storms that will cost the companies billions in payments.

Earlier this week, the U.S. arm of a major global insurance company backed away from an unprecedented lawsuit against Chicago and its suburbs for failing to prepare for heavy rains and associated flooding it claimed were fueled by global warming. While legal experts said the case was a longshot, its withdrawal didn’t alter the message it contained for governments: prepare now for climate change or pay the price.

After several days of ground-saturating rain last April, an early-morning train of intense storm cells passed over the greater Chicago area and overwhelmed the region’s stormwater and sewage systems. Water gushed out of sewer inlets and backed up into basements.

“There was just nowhere for this water to go,” Marilyn Sucoe, the stormwater administrator for the Village of Lisle, a ring suburb west of Chicago that was affected by the flooding, told NBC News.

The village was among about 200 municipalities named in the nine class-action lawsuits filed in March by Farmers Insurance Group.

It was “the first loud shot in what I think will be a long-term set of litigation battles over failure to prepare for climate change,” Michael Gerrard, who directs the Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia University in New York, told NBC News.

As I read this story, I realized: With money at stake, defendants have a clear motivation to seek out the legitimate science showing that the entire “human-caused climate disruption” story is fictional. Up to now, money invested to support the Eco-religion has dwarfed what scientists who reject the hype have had at their disposal.

Yes, some cities will roll over and play dead—sticking it to their taxpayers—for reasons of politics and political-correctness. But all it takes is one to stand up and fight, and the truth will bring more people back to sanity.

I do find it a bit troubling that the story notes insurers are going after “small towns and cities,” and that—conveniently—a suit against Chicago was dropped. Small municipalities need to band together. There are plenty of highly-qualified scientists who can be tapped to present the case that the warming story is bogus, and the alarmist’s own models prove it.

I hope this is one time where our penchant for litigation may turn out well in the end.