Lone Remaining Abortion Clinic in Mississippi Facing Loss of License

The abortion industry has long had a tradition of being performed by non-doctors or doctors that had lost their licenses or practices for other than honorable reasons.  Over the years, too many women have lost their lives by questionable abortion practices.

In an effort to safeguard the health of women, a law was passed last year in Mississippi that requires anyone performing abortions to be an OB-GYN and have hospital admitting privileges.  At least that was the justification given to pass the law.

Opponents said the law was passed specifically to target the last remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi, the Jackson Women’s Health Organization.  None of their doctors have hospital admitting privileges which is why the clinic feels targeted. Additionally, Gov. Phil Bryan (R) did not hide the fact that he wanted his state to be abortion free and to shut down that last remaining facility that was murdering around 2,000 unborn children a year.

Upon passage of the bill last year, the Jackson Women’s Health Organization filed a federal lawsuit claiming the new law was unconstitutional because it would prevent women in Mississippi from having access to abortions.  The lawsuit went before US District Judge Daniel P. Jordan III, who upheld the law and gave the clinic a six month injunction during which time they were to take the necessary actions to comply with the law.

That six months ended on January 11, 2013.  On January 16, state inspectors visited the clinic to see if they had complied, which they had not.  They claim that local hospitals will not give admitting privileges to out-of-state doctors, which they use.  They also said that the local hospitals affiliated with religious groups don’t want to give admitting privileges to abortion doctors because of the ethics and faith issues.

This past Friday, the clinic received a letter from the Health Department with the results of the inspection.  The letter stated that none of the three doctors at the clinic had hospital admitting privileges.  They noted that one of the doctors had admitting privileges but that they had expired last July and were never renewed.  The letter also stated that they failed to meet the requirements set for adequate parking spaces for their patients.  The letter gave them 10 days to submit their plans to correct the parking issue.

The owner of the clinic, Diane Derzis, said she expected the notice from the Health Department along with the possibility of having her license revoked.  She is planning on asking Judge Jordan III to extend the injunction to give her more time to comply.  In the meantime, the clinic continues to take in mothers who desire to brutally murder their unborn children.

We all need to be praying that Judge Jordan III, denies the extension of his injunction and that the abortion clinic ends up losing their license and has to close their doors for the sake of the defenseless babies of Mississippi,