Looming Sequestration Crisis: Schools Face .06% Budget Cuts

The sequestration cuts are set to start taking place this Friday. Obama and his team have been ranting about how these cuts are going to destroy government education, research and development and healthcare. If only that were the case. The proposed $85 billion to $1.2 trillion in across-the-board cuts will be spread over 10 years, and by the time the GOP compromises like the great team players that they are, it will be even less. And why is Obama’s team even blaming the GOP anyway? The sequestration cuts were his idea. Even the Washington Post admits the cuts were the President’s idea, but they claim the President didn’t actually intend on going through with them:

 “It is the result of a 2011 deal forged by the White House and Congress to reduce federal borrowing. It was intended as a draconian measure so blunt that it would force lawmakers to find alternative means of reducing the budget deficit.”

 So, the President thinks up this whole sequestration thing in hopes that it will be so “extreme” that it would force the GOP to agree to some other means of reducing the deficit, namely more taxes. And when the GOP refuse to talk about even more tax hikes, the Democrats blame the GOP for wanting to destroy jobs. I’m so glad our elected representatives are thinking about the future of this country instead of playing stupid strategy games.

In the same Washington Post article, they claim that the Washington D.C. area schools will be hit the hardest by the sequestration cuts. But the American Spectator pointed out that the proposed cuts won’t actually throw school teachers out on the streets to be homeless and hungry as the President wants everyone to believe:

 “According to the president’s itemized hysterics, the District will lose $533,000 as a result of the sequester. Washington currently budgets $805.1 million for public schools. That means the meat cleaver sequester would lop off a whopping 0.06% of Washington’s public schools budget. Likewise Virginia spends about $6.5 billion on primary and secondary education at the state level. Sequestration removes $14 million, a .02% cut. Maryland spends about $7 billion and loses $14.4 million through sequestration, another .02% decrease.”

And not only that, but Washington D.C. is running a $140 million surplus. (I guess those speed and red light tickets really pay off.) And they’re hysterical over a half-a-million dollar cut?