How to Lose Your Job Before You Even Start

There are some 30 million out-of-work Americans across this country today who are no longer even counted by the government as unemployed because they’ve been jobless for so long.

I’m betting that most of those former workers would jump at the chance to have gainful employment once again.

But that’s apparently not the case for a Twitter user named @Cella, who had a job lined up but evidently felt it was beneath her.

Cella was fired before she even started working.
Cella was fired before she even started working.

Call it a reverse career move, but Cella Tweeted, “Ew I start this f*** a** job tomorrow,” followed by several thumbs-down icons.

Unfortunately for Cella, her boss-to-be, Robert Waple of Jet’s Pizza in Mansfield, Texas, got wind of it and then Tweeted her back: “And … no you won’t start that FA job today! I just fired you! Good luck with your no money, no job life!”

Waple later followed up with another Tweet: “Working register, taking phone orders, making subs/salads. Eating free pizza. How hard would that have been?”

Not hard at all, but Cella and her peeps evidently feel she’s better than all that, plus a bag of chips, because her Twitter account is now filled with Tweets of support from around the world, including some trolls mocking Waple for making her “e-famous” and likely to get a better job now.

There may be an idiot boss out there who will hire her because of her infamy, but it would have to be an idiot given this woman’s obviously poor attitude.

Some of the posts want to know who spilled the beans and got the princess in trouble. You can only imagine the hate mail if that person’s name gets out.

Waple may be wishing he’d never heard of Cella, but in the final estimate, he dodged a bullet.